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Sex Mudras

Energy Movement Exercises for Sexual Vitality
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Serge Villecroix
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Preface Introduction The Eastern View of Sexuality Energy The Primal Sexual Energy Substances and Conditions that Negatively Affect Sexuality The Negative Effects of Alcohol on Sexuality The Negative Effects of Tobacco on Sexuality The Negative Effects of Medications on Sexuality Sexual Problems Resulting from Other Pathologies Stress and Sexuality Nourishing Your Sexuality Dietary Advice for Healthy Sexuality and Libido Natural Elements Contributing to a Harmonious Sexuality Yin Mudras: Practical Exercises for Women Exercise 1. Seashell Mudra for Women Exercise 2. Great Yin Mudra Exercise 3. Mudra of the Two Nipples Exercise 4. Mudra of the Two Breasts Exercise 5. Opening Mudra Exercise 6. Mudra to Strengthen the Vagina Exercise 7. Mudra to Strengthen the Uterus Exercise 8. Overall Strengthening Mudra Exercise 9. Mudra of the Ovarian Palace Exercise 10. Mudra for Maintaining Erection Exercise 11. Delayed Male Pleasure Mudra Yang Mudras: Practical Exercises for Men Exercise 12. Seashell Mudra for Men Exercise 13. Vibration Mudra Exercise 14. Penis-Thickening Mudra Exercise 15. Mudra for Elongating the Penis Exercise 16. Touchless Erection Mudra Exercise 17. Lubrication Mudra Exercise 18. Delayed Orgasm Mudra 1 Exercise 19. Delayed Orgasm Mudra 2 Exercise 20. Delayed Orgasm Mudra 3 Exercise 21. Delayed Orgasm Mudra 4 Exercise 22. Mudra for Orgasm without Ejaculation Exercise 23. The Four Great Lion Mudras Yin-Yang Mudras: Exercises for Both Sexes Exercise 24. Mudra for Cardiac Recuperation Exercise 25. Breath-Catching Mudra 1 Exercise 26. Breath-Catching Mudra 2 Exercise 27. Cardio-Pulmonary Toning Mudra Exercise 28. Kidney-Toning Mudra Exercise 29. General Toning Mudra Exercise 30. Peristaltic Energy Mudra Mudras for Couples to Practice Together Exercise 31. Mudra for Harmonizing Feminine and Masculine Energies Exercise 32. Mudra for Harmonizing Kidney Energy Exercise 33. Ear Mudra Exercise 34. Mudra to Relieve Frigidity Exercise 35. Kissing Mudra Index
Sacred gestures of the hands and body to energize the sexual organs, increase libido, enhance pleasure, and improve overall health
• Includes exercises for men and women to tone the genitals, improve endurance, and reach orgasm without ejaculation

• Details shared exercises for couples to harmonize male and female energies

• Explains how these exercises can treat sexual problems caused by tobacco, psychotropic drugs, and alcohol

Mudras have been used for thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism to channel the movement of energy in the body for physical enhancement and spiritual enrichment. These sacred gestures of the hands and body create a tangible link between body and mind, conscious and unconscious, and can be used to strengthen and invigorate specific organs or bodily systems.

Exploring the mudras of sexual vitality, Serge Villecroix illustrates energy movement exercises for men and women to tone the genitals, increase libido, improve endurance, and enhance pleasure. He reveals mudras for men to reach orgasm without ejaculation and details shared exercises for couples to harmonize male and female energies. He explains how these exercises can treat sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, as well as overcome sexual problems caused by tobacco, psychotropic drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Providing a complete guide to the sex mudras, Villecroix shows how strengthening your sexual energies also improves cardiac and respiratory health and overall vitality.

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