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Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living

The Practice of Mindful Alignment
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Kathleen Porter
Healing Arts
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Foreword by Jean Couch




Part One
A Body of Knowledge

1 Design for Life
2 Architecture in Flesh and Bone
3 The Core of Well-Being
4 Meet Your Feet
5 Wheels, Bells, and Puppet Strings
6 An Exploding Crisis in Children's Health
7 Amazing Grace
8 Pregnant with Possibilities
9 In Fitness or in Health?
10 Beyond the Physical

Part Two
Putting It All Together

11 Down to Basics
How to Sit • How to Lean Back on a Backrest • How to Stand • How to Walk • Take Yourself for a Walk • How to Bend • Sitting Down and Bending to Sit • Getting Up from a Chair or Sit to Stand • Sitting to Meditate • Lying on Your Side • Sleeping and Resting on Your Back • The Ultimate in Relaxation

12 Yoga on the Axis
Chair Pose • Tree Pose • Triangle Pose (Modified) • Warrior II • Garden Gate Pose • Plank Pose • Sphinx Pose • Head-to-Knee Pose • Seated Spinal Twist • Relaxation--Corpse Pose

A Few Parting Thoughts



Restoring healthy posture from childhood for relief from chronic pain, easy flexibility, and enduring strength and vitality well into old age
• Offers 12 physical exercises to become mindful of your posture and discover pain-free alignment of your pelvis, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and back

• Provides simple yet detailed instructions on how to sit, stand, walk, bend, get up from a chair, sit to meditate, sleep, and practice yoga with proper alignment

• Includes full-color diagrams and posture photographs from around the world

Our bones are the framework of support for our bodies, much like the wall studs and beams of a house. Yet the alignment of the skeleton along the vertical axis of gravity is largely overlooked today, even by fitness experts and yoga teachers. In a culture of cocked hips, sauntering models, and slouching TV watchers, where "chin up, shoulders back, stomach in" is believed to be good posture, we have forgotten what healthy alignment looks and feels like--leading to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain for millions.

Sharing photographs from around the world of "gurus" of natural posture and authentic strength, such as women in their 80s who easily carry heavy loads on their heads and toddlers learning to walk, Kathleen Porter shows what natural skeletal alignment truly looks like. With insights based on the fundamental laws of physics and detailed full-color diagrams, she guides you through an understanding of the body's naturally pain-free design. She explains that when the body is aligned as nature intended, your weight is supported by your bones rather than your muscles, allowing a blissful release from chronic muscular tension--which you may not even be aware you had. She offers 12 physical exercises to become mindful of your posture and discover healthy alignment of your pelvis, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and your body as a whole.

Providing easy-to-follow instructions for mindful alignment during the most ordinary daily activities, even sleeping, as well as a chapter on practicing yoga safely, Porter shows how returning to our forgotten alignment from childhood can offer relief from chronic pain and tension and can provide easy flexibility, enduring strength, and vitality well into old age.