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Esoteric Astrology

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Alan Leo
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First Part Preface Introduction 1. Astrological Symbology 2. Occult Astronomy 3. " Spheres of Influence" 4. The Significance of Caste and Social Distinctions 5. The Houses and Their Importance 6. The Houses (Continued) 7. The Zodiac Esoterically Considered 8. The Meaning of Aspects 9. Fire 10. The Human Aura and its Significance 11. The Planets in Relation to Consciousness 12. Planetary Influence and Gestation 13. Strong and Weak Characters 14. The Angelic Host Second Part: Explanatory D Agrams and Illustrative Horoscopes 15. Esoteric Value of the Polarities 16. The Star of the Personality 17. The Star of the Individuality 18. Examples of Esoteric Astrology 19. A Remarkable Human Documentary; Esoteric Interpretation of the Nativity Third Part Note on an Esoteric Glossary 20. The Threefold and Fourfold Divisions 21. Further Divisions of the Zodiac 22. The Fourfold Division of Signs 23. Esoteric Meaning of Astrological Terms in Ordinary Use 24. The Growth of the Ego 25. Conclusion: The Curse and Blessing of Astrology
For the first time in the history of astrology, an entirely new method of reading horoscopes is given. The individual and personal stars of all individuals are explained by a series of star maps, showing how the age of the soul may be astrologically discovered. Complete instructions are provided for creating a star map from a horoscope.