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Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Eric Hollander
American Psychiatric Publishing
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Chapter 1. ForewordChapter 2. EpidemiologyChapter 3. Genomics and EpigenomicsChapter 4. Environmental Toxicity and Immune Dysregulation Chapter 5. Psychiatric Assessment and TreatmentChapter 6. Pediatric and Neurological Assessment and Targeted Treatments Chapter 7. Cognitive Assessment Chapter 8. Behavioral TreatmentChapter 9. Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship Based Model for Assessment and Intervention (DIR Model)Chapter 10. Autism Interventions in SchoolsChapter 11. Language, Communication and Occupational Therapy InterventionsChapter 12. Complementary and Integrative Approaches Chapter 13. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
In DSM-5, published in 2013, the classification of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was created, subsuming several diagnoses and representing a significant evolution from its first appearance in the DSM-III three decades earlier. Autism Spectrum Disorders reflects this evolution, offering clinicians and families a succinct, definitive, and up-to-date guide to current research in the field and its impact on assessment and treatment. The book begins with the epidemiology of ASDs, which have increased in prevalence, and explores genetic heritability and environmental risk factors. It then explains the roles of the psychiatrist, neurologist and pediatrician in assessing the patient, examines assessment tools and processes, and describes the latest advances in a variety of treatments and interventions. The text's focus is on educating and empowering families and health care providers to determine whether appropriate genetic testing and counseling have been undertaken, whether the individual has had the relevant assessment, and whether skilled behavioral treatment and additional medical assessment or treatment are required.

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