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The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Forensic Psychiatry

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Liza H. Gold
American Psychiatric Publishing
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DedicationContributorsPrefaceAcknowledgmentsPart I: Introduction to Forensic PsychiatryChapter 1. The Expert WitnessChapter 2. Introduction to the Legal SystemChapter 3. Ethics in Forensic PsychiatryChapter 4. Forensic Evaluations and ReportsChapter 5. Psychological Testing in Forensic PsychiatryChapter 6. Evaluation of MalingeringChapter 7. Neuroimaging and Forensic PsychiatryPart II: Legal Regulation of PsychiatryChapter 8. The Physician--Patient Relationship in PsychiatryChapter 9. Legal Regulation of Psychiatric TreatmentChapter 10. Civil CommitmentChapter 11. Confidentiality in Psychiatric PracticePart III: Civil Issues and LitigationChapter 12. Professional Liability in Psychiatric PracticeChapter 13. Competencies in Civil LawChapter 14. Personal InjuryChapter 15. Psychiatric Evaluation in Discrimination and Harassment ClaimsChapter 16. Fitness for Duty, Impaired Professionals, and Public SafetyChapter 17. Psychiatric DisabilityPart IV: Criminal JusticeChapter 18. Evaluation of Competencies in the Criminal Justice SystemChapter 19. Evaluation of Criminal ResponsibilityChapter 20. Psychiatry and the Death PenaltyPart V: Correctional Psychiatry and Sex OffendersChapter 21. Correctional Settings and Prisoner RightsChapter 22. Psychiatric Treatment in Correctional SettingsChapter 23. Forensic Assessment of Sex OffendersPart VI: Children and FamiliesChapter 24. Forensic Evaluations of Children and AdolescentsChapter 25. Evaluations of Juveniles in Civil LawChapter 26. Evaluations of Juveniles in the Criminal Justice SystemPart VII: Special Issues in Forensic PsychiatryChapter 27. Suicide Risk AssessmentChapter 28. Violence Risk AssessmentChapter 29. Geriatric Forensic PsychiatryChapter 30. Forensic Psychiatry and Law EnforcementChapter 31. Military Forensic PsychiatryChapter 32. The Internet and TelepsychiatryChapter 33. Research in Forensic psychiatryLandmark Case IndexSubject Index
The inaugural edition of The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Forensic Psychiatry was the first of its kind, and subsequent editions have raised the bar, earning it a spot as a leading text in this fascinating subspecialty of psychiatry. This new, third edition is the product of a painstaking and exhaustive revision process that resulted in a significantly expanded and restructured work. This edition is a thorough review of the field yet is flexible enough to be useful to a diverse audience. Because the topics in and structure of this edition were informed by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology's Content Outline for the Certification Examination in Forensic Psychiatry, it can be used as a core text during forensic psychiatry fellowship training or as a review text to prepare for the certification or maintenance of certification exam. An excellent resource on legal issues in clinical practice, the book will also be an invaluable reference for general psychiatrists, who frequently encounter complicated forensic issues, such as informed consent, confidentiality, and the physician-patient relationship. The editors, two of the foremost experts in forensic psychiatry, faced the challenge of creating a text that accurately and fully reflects the latest advances in both the law and psychiatry, while enhancing learning. This comprehensive, yet accessible volume does just that.

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