Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans
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Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans

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Gregory J. Anderson
Nutrition and Health
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PART I - CELLULAR IRON METABOLISM (1) Proteins of Iron Homeostasis - Surjit Kaila Srai and Paul Sharp (2) Cellular Iron Physiology - Martina U. Muckenthaler and Roland Lill (3) Regulation of Cellular Iron Metabolism in Mammalian Cells - Tracey A. Rouault (4) Concentrating, Storing and Detoxifying Iron: The Ferritins and Hemosiderin - Elizabeth C. Theil PART II - IRON PHYSIOLOGY (5) Iron Nutrition - Weng-In Leong and Bo Lonnerdal (6) Intestinal Iron Absorption - Andrew T McKie and Robert J Simpson (7) Plasma Iron and Iron Delivery to the Tissues - Ross M. Graham, Anita C.G. Chua and Debbie Trinder (8) Iron Salvage Pathways - Ann Smith (9) Molecular Regulation of Systemic Iron Metabolism - Tomas Ganz and Sophie Vaulont (10) Erythroid Iron Metabolism - Prem Ponka and Alex D. Sheftel (11) Iron and the Reticuloendothelial System - Guenter Weiss (12) Iron and the Immune System - Hal Drakesmith, Graca Porto and Maria de Sousa PART III - DISORDERS OF IRON HOMEOSTASIS -Anemias (13) Iron Deficiency - Barry Skikne and Chaim Hershko (14) The Liabilities of Iron Deficiency - John L. Beard and Carrie Durwood (15) The Anemia of Inflammation and Chronic Disease - Cindy N. Roy (16) Disorders of Red Cell Production and the Iron-Loading Anemias - Stefano Rivella PART IV - DISORDERS OF IRON HOMEOSTASIS - IRON OVERLOAD AND RELATED CONDITIONS (17) The Pathology of Hepatic Iron Overload -Yves Deungier and Bruno Turlin (18) Hepatic Pathobiology of Iron Overload - Richard G. Ruddell and Grant A Ramm (19) HFE-Associated Hereditary Hemochromatosis - Richard Skoien and Lawrie W. Powell (20) Non-HFE Hemochromatosis - Daniel F. Wallace and V. Nathan Subramaniam (21) Miscellaneous Iron-Related Disorders - Carole Beaumont (22) Iron and Liver Disease - Darrell H.G. Crawford, Linda M. Fletcher and Kris V. Kowdley (23) Neuropathology and Iron: Central Nervous System Iron Homeostasis - Sarah J. Texel, Xueying Xu, Sokhon Pin and Z. Leah Harris (24) Iron Metabolism in Cancer and Infection - Sergei Nekhai and Victor R. Gorduek PART V - CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY (25) Estimation of Body Iron Stores - Mark Worwood (26) Genetic Testing for Disorders of Iron Homeostasis - James C. Barton, Pauline L. Lee and Corwin Q. Edwards (27) The Properties of Therapeutically Useful Iron Chelators - Robert C. Hider and Yong Min Ma (28) Clinical Use of Iron Chelators - John B. Porter and Chaim Hershko, PART VI- MODEL SYSTEMS FOR STUDYING IRON HOMEOSTASIS (29) Mammalian Models of Iron Homeostasis - Robert S. Britton, Bruce R. Bacon and Robert E. Fleming (30) Yeast Iron Metabolism - Caroline C. Philpott (31) Zebrafish Models of Heme Synthesis and Iron Metabolism- Paula Goodman Fraenkel
Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans provides health professionals in many areas of research and practice with the most up-to-date and well-referenced volume on the importance of iron as a nutrient and its role in health and disease.  This important new volume is the benchmark in the complex area of interrelationships between the essentiality of iron, its functions throughout the body, including its critical role in erythropoiesis, the biochemistry and clinical relevance of iron-containing enzymes and other molecules involved in iron absorption, transport and metabolism,  he importance of optimal iron status on immune function, and links between iron and the liver, heart,  brain and other organs.  Moreover, the interactions between genetic and environmental factors and the numerous co-morbidities seen with both iron deficiency and iron overload in at risk populations are clearly delineated so that students as well as practitioners can better understand the complexities of these interactions.

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