Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Technologies
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Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Technologies

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"In Advanced Physiochemical Treatment Technologies, leading pollution control educators and practicing professionals describe how various combinations of different cutting-edge process systems can be arranged to solve air, noise, and thermal pollution problems. Each chapter discusses in detail the three basic forms in which pollutants and waste are manifested: gas, solid, and liquid. TOC:Pressurized Ozonation.- Electrochemical Wastewater Treatment Processes.- Irradiation.- Nonthermal Plasma for Environmental Technology.- Thermal Distillation and Electrodialysis Technologies for Desalination.- Reverse Osmosis Technology for Desalination.- Emerging Biosorption, Adsorption, Ion Exchange and Membrane Technologies.- Fine Pore Aeration of Water and Wastewater.- Emerging Flotation Technologies.- Endocrine Disruptors: Properties, Effects and Removal Processes.- Filtration Systems for Small Communities.- Chemical Feeding System.- Wet Air Oxidation for Waste Treatment.- Lime Calcination."
Pressurized Ozonation
Lawrence K. Wang and Nazih K. Shammas

Electrochemical Wastewater Treatment Processes
Guohua Chen and Yung-Tse Hung

Lawrence K. Wang, J. Paul Chen, and Robert C. Ziegler

Nonthermal Plasma for Environmental Technology
Toshiaki Yamamoto and Masaaki Okubo

Thermal Distillation and Electrodialysis Technologies for Desalination
J. Paul Chen, Lawrence K. Wang, and Lei Yang

Reverse Osmosis Technology for Desalination
Edward S. K. Chian, J. Paul Chen, Ping-Xin Sheng, Yen-Peng Ting, and Lawrence K. Wang

Emerging Biosorption, Adsorption, Ion Exchange and Membrane Technologies
J. Paul Chen, Lawrence K. Wang, Lei Yang, and Soh-Fong Lim

Fine Pore Aeration of Water and Wastewater
Nazih K. Shammas

Emerging Flotation Technologies
Lawrence K. Wang

Endocrine Disruptors: Properties, Effects and Removal Processes
Nazih K. Shammas

Filtration Systems for Small Communities
Yung-Tse Hung, Ruth Yu-Li Yeh, and Lawrence K. Wang

Chemical Feeding System
Puangrat Kajitvichyanukul, Yung-Tse Hung, and Jirapat Ananpattarachai

Wet Air Oxidation for Waste Treatment
Linda Y. Zou, Yuncang Li, and Yung-Tse Hung

Lime Calcination
Gupta Sudhir Kumar, Anushuya Ramakrishnan, and Yung-Tse Hung

The Handbook of Environmental Engineering series addresses topics across the entire spectrum of environmental engineering using a unique approach to environmental pollution. In this volume, Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Technologies, cutting-edge processes and technologies for water pollution control and water purification are presented. Practicing engineers and designers, as well as professors and students of environmental engineering, will benefit immensely from the forward-looking strategies and advanced treatment technologies discussed in this volume.

This volume, along with Volumes 3 and 4 of the series, provides comprehensive and exhaustive coverage of available physicochemical treatment processes and technologies. The editors and contributing authors of Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Technologies have included up-to-date references, cost data, design methods, expert guidance on installation and operation of various process equipment and systems, and Best Available Technologies (BAT) for environmental pollution control, wastewater treatment, and water purification.