Male Sexual Function
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Male Sexual Function

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John J. Mulcahy
Current Clinical Urology
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"Normal Anatomy and Physiology. Epidemiology of Erectile Dysfunction. Cardiac Issues Related to Erectile Dysfunction. How a Primary Care Clinician Approaches Erectile Dysfunction. Psychosocial Aspects Related to Erectile Dysfunction. Hormonal Evaluation and Treatment. Radical Prostatectomy and Other Pelvic Surgeries: Effects on Erectile Function. Drugs That Affect Male Sexual Function. Neurogenic Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women. Female Sexual Dysfunction. Evaluation of the Patient With Erectile Dysfunction. Oral Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. Intracavernosal Injection of Vasoactive Agents. Topical and Intra-Urethral Therapy. Vacuum Erection Devices. Penile Implants. Peyronie's Disease: History and Medical Therapy. Peyronie's Disease: Surgical Therapy. Vascular Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction. Priapism. Ejaculatory Disorders. Gene Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. Index."
"Male Sexual Function - Second Edition; Table of Contents; Chapter 1 - Normal Anatomy and Physiology; Paul Milhoua; Daniel Lowe; Arnold Melman; Chapter 2 - Epidemiology of Erectile Dysfunction; Ridwan Shabsigh; Chapter 3 - Cardiac Issues Related to Erectile Dysfunction; Thorsten Reffelmann; Robert A. Kloner; Chapter 4 - How a Primary Care Clinician approaches Erectile Dysfunction; Richard Sadovsky; Kevin Custis; Chapter 5 - Psychologic Aspects Related to Erectile Dysfunction; Michael A. Perelman; Chapter 6 - Hormone Evaluation and Treatment; Jeremy P.W. Heaton; Alvaro Morales; Chapter 7 - Radical Prostatectomy and other pelvic surgery-Effects on Erectile Function; Muammer Kendirici; Jeffrey Bejma; Wayne J.G. Hellstrom; Chapter 8 - Drugs that Affect Male Sexual Function; Benjamin K. Yang; Craig F. Donnatucci; Chapter 9 - Neurogenic Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women; Kazem M. Azadozoi; Mike B. Siroky; Chapter 10 - Female Sexual Dysfunction; Irwin Goldstein; Chapter 11 - Evaluation of the Patient with Erectile Dysfunction; Jeffrey C. LaRochelle; Laurence A. Levine; Chapter 12 - Oral Therapy for Erectile Dystfunction; Gregory A. Broderick. Raymond W. Pak; Chapter 13 - Intracavernous Injection with Vasoactive Agents; Alice K. Tsao; Ajay Nehra; Chapter 14 - Topical and Intraurethral Therapy; John C. Hairston; Edguardo Becher; Kevin T. McVary; Chapter 15 - Vacuum Erection Devices; Hunter Wessells; Chapter 16 - Penile Implants; Steven K. Wilson; John J. Mulcahy; Chapter 17 - Peyronie's Disease - History and Medical Therapy; J. Slade Hubbard; Culley C. Carson; Chapter 18 - Peyronie's Disease - Surgical Therapy; Gerald H. Jordan; Chapter 19 - Vascular Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction; William O. Brant; Anthony J. Bella; Maurice M. Garcia; Tom F. Lue; Chapter 20 - Priapism; Lawrence S. Hakim; Chapter 21 - Ejaculatory Disordes; Chris G McMahon; Chapter 22 - Gene Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction; Thomas R. Magee; Nestor F. Gonzalez - Cavidad; Jacob Rajfer."
The first edition of Male Sexual Function: A Guide to Clinical Management was published in 2001. Since that time, two new oral medications for erectile dysfunction ® ® (ED), Vardenafil (Levitra ) and Tadalafil (Cialis ), have been introduced. Links between ED and lower urinary tract symptoms have been postulated, advances in the basic science of erectile physiology have occurred, and the appreciation of ED as a form of endothelial dysfunction and a harbinger of other more potentially lethal forms of vascular disease has become more widespread. In some instances, third-party payers have reduced or eliminated coverage for ED treatments in an attempt to cut costs. They have classified sexual activity as ¿recreational,¿ ¿lifestyle,¿ or not medically necessary, but have failed to appreciate the negative consequences of ED, such as depression with all of its ramifications. Male Sexual Function: A Guide to Clinical Management, Second Edition is a comp- hensive overview of the field of male sexual function and includes a chapter on female sexual dysfunction, an emerging field with a very high incidence in the population and an ever-growing following.