Sleep Disorders in Women
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Sleep Disorders in Women

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Current Clinical Neurology
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"This multidisciplinary review of all aspects of sleep disorders in women at different stages of life emphasizes the unique impact that each reproductive and endocrine stage has on both normal sleep and sleep disorders. The authors share their expert knowledge and experience in treating insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome, and obstructive sleep apnea in adolescent, premenopausal, pregnant, and menopausal patients. In addition to summarizing the latest, cutting-edge research in a succinct and clinically relevant manner, the authors also help physicians recognize the symptom patterns of sleep disorders in their female patients and offer guidance on diagnosing and treating them in a timely fashion."
"TABLE OF CONTENTS.; Overview; 1) Introduction Hrayr Attarian MD; 2) Epidemiology Hrayr Attarian MD; 3) The Workup of Female Patients with Sleep Complaints: a guide for midlevel health care providers Diana Monaghan PA-C; 4) Normal reproductive and endocrine life stages and their impact on normal sleep Lauren Broch PhD and Margaret Moline PhD; 5) Normal reproductive and endocrine life stages and their impact on different sleep disorders. Rochelle Goldberg, MD; Adolescents; 6) Delayed Sleep Phase. John Garcia MD; 7) Defining, Assessing, and Treating Adolescent Insomnia and Related Sleep Problems Amy Wolfson Ph.D Alison Quinn and Anna Vannucci; Premenopausal Women; 8) Restless Legs Syndrome: An Overview with Emphasis on Women David M. Hiestand, MD, PhD and Barbara Phillips, MD, MSPH, FCCP; 9) Non Hormonal Treatments for Insomnia Catherine Schuman PhD; 10) OSAS in premenopausal women Kanika Bagai, M.D. Beth Mallow MD; 11) PCOS and OSAS Dr Mira Aubuchon MD; 12) Perimenstrual hypersomnia and other disorders of excessive sleepiness Hrayr Attarian MD; 13) Parasomnias from a Woman's Health Perspective Carlos H. Schenck, M.D. Mark W. Mahowlad, M.D.; Pregnancy; 14) RLS in Pregnancy Keith Nagle MD; 15) Insomnia during pregnancy Katherine Lee PhD; 16) OSAS and pregnancy Helena Schotland MD; Menopause; 17) RLS and Menopause: pathophysiology, diagnosis and management. Nancy Spencer Collins MD; 18) Insomnia during menopause Gerda Saletu-Zyhlarz MD; 19) OSAS and menopause Sigrid Veasey MD."
Increasing attention is currently being directed to a variety of health disorders that are either unique to or more common among women than men. This volume adds sleep disorders to the list of those in which important gender differences have been neglected. Sleep Disorders in Women: A Guide to Practical Management - plores the reasons for gender bias in this area of research and provides a comp- hensive and in-depth review of what is currently known and what still remains to be studied concerning this important topic. As several contributors to this volume indicate, numerous misconceptions exist due, not surprisingly, to a shortage of reliable data in the field. As an example, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is typically thought to be far more common in men than in women. However, as contributors to this volume carefully document, the prevalence of OSA in women varies considerably depending on the specific female population that is studied. It is low in premenopausal women, higher in postme- pausal women, particularly high in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, and of uncertain prevalence in pregnancy. This exemplifies the fact that as women move through varying hormonal environments including puberty, the menstrual cycle, use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy, the postpartum period, and menopause, their risk for a variety of sleep disorders varies considerably. As pointed out in Dr.