Transgenic and Knockout Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
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Transgenic and Knockout Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

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Gene S. Fisch
Contemporary Clinical Neuroscience
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Introduction and Overview

Transgenic and Knockout Models of Psychiatric Disorders: Introduction, History, and Assessment
Gene S. Fisch

Transgenic Mouse Models and Human Psychiatric Disease
Jonathan Flint

Transgenic and Knockout Mouse Models: The Problem of Language
Linda J. Hayes and Diana Delgado

If Only They Could Talk: Genetic Mouse Models for Psychiatric Disorders
Trevor Humby and Lawrence Wilkinson

Transgenic and Knockout Models of Neurocognitive Dysfunction

Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1: Lessons From Modeling a Movement Disease in Mice
Harry T. Orr

Mouse Models of Hereditary Mental Retardation
Hans Welzl, Patrizia D'Adamo, David P. Wolfer, and Hans-Peter Lipp

How Can Studies of Animals Help to Uncover the Roles of Genes Implicated in Human Speech and Language Disorders?
Simon E. Fisher

Animal Models of Autism: Proposed Behavioral Paradigms and Biological Studies
Thomas Bourgeron, Stéphane Jamain, and Sylvie Granon

Transgenic and Knockout Models of Neuropsychiatric Dysfunction

Genetic Mouse Models of Psychiatric Disorders: Advantages, Limitations, and Challenges
Joseph A. Gogos and Maria Karayiorgou

Animal Models of Psychosis
Stephen I. Deutsch, Katrice Long, Richard B. Rosse, Yousef Tizabi, Ronit Weizman, Judy Eller, and John Mastropaolo

Animal Models of Anxiety: The Ethological Perspective
Robert Gerlai, Robert Blanchard, and Caroline Blanchard

Modeling Human Anxiety and Depression in Mutant Mice
Andrew Holmes and John F. Cryan

Mutant Mouse Models of Bipolar Disorder: Are There Any?
Anneloes Dirks, Lucianne Groenink, and Berend Olivier

In this up-to-date survey and critical assessment of transgenic and knockout models in neuropsychiatry and behavior, a panel of leading researchers comprehensively assesses how and whether the genetic abnormalities produced from these models manifest the neuropsychiatric disorders to which they correspond. The authors focus on transgenic and knockout models of neurocognitive dysfunction and neuropsychiatric dysfunction. The discussion of neurobiological problems covers mental retardation, polyglutamate, and speech disorders, as well as disorders that involve cognitive, social, speech, and language dysfunction. The neuropsychiatric dysfunctions examined include psychosis and schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

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