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Presidential Confidential

Sex, Scandal, Murder and Mayhem in the Oval Office
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John Boertlein
Clerisy Press
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PRESIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIALSex, Scandal, Murder and Mayhem in the Oval Office

Table of Contents
I. Murder
Homicides of the presidents, including a look at the assassins, their motives, and conspiracy theories surrounding each case.
1. Abraham Lincoln (1865)
2. James Garfield (1881)
3. William McKinley (1901)
4. John F. Kennedy (1963)

5.Sidebar - Warren G. Harding

Attempted Assassinations
1. Andrew Jackson (1835)
2. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933)
3. Harry S. Truman (1950)
4. Gerald Ford (1975)
5. Ronald Reagan (1981)

II. Sex
1. George Washington - There are reports George cheated on Martha, producing at least two illegitimate children one of whom was Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton.
2. Thomas Jefferson - When President Jefferson found himself suddenly single after the death of his wife he found his way into numerous sexual liaisons with women who included Sally Hemings, one of his slaves. He also reportedly slept with legendary flag-sewer Dolly Madison.
3. Andrew Jackson - Ol' Hickory rescued and shacked up with another fella's wife before marrying her himself. Was Mrs. Jackson a bigamist?
4. James Buchanan - A homosexual who carried on a 22-year affair with another member of Congress? Whose fiancée offed herself when she found out James was gay? Oh, my!
5. Grover Cleveland - Who's Yo' Daddy? During Cleveland's younger days in Buffalo he, or one of his friends, fathered a son by Maria Crofts Halpin. Grover always provided for mother and child, eventually arranging for a wealthy family to adopt the boy.
6. Woodrow Wilson - Woody had a tryst with a woman he met in Bermuda while vacationing to restore his "health.”
7. Warren G. Harding - If Warren had spent as much time running the country as he did chasing women, his administration wouldn't have been the most scandal-ridden in American history.
8. Franklin D. Roosevelt - FDR reportedly had an eye for the ladies that led to numerous extra-marital affairs. Two long-term affairs allegedly went on with Eleanor Roosevelt's social secretary, Lucy Mercer, and his own personal secretary, Missy LeHand.
9. Dwight Eisenhower - Ike had a long-term affair with his wartime driver, Kay Summersby, and even took steps to divorce Mamie to marry Kay.
10. JFK - This might be one of the "longer” chapters... The role model for Bill Clinton.
11. Lyndon B. Johnson - LBJ was reportedly quite proud of his womanizing ways. He bedded secretaries, aides, and just about any woman willing, during his political career. He's quoted as saying, "I had more woman by accident than Kennedy did on purpose.”
12. Bill Clinton - The Starr report reads like a pulp x-rated paperback!

(Sidebar stories to include: Jimmy Carter & Playboy Magazine, Andrew Jackson's "Petticoat Affair,”)

III. Scandal and Mayhem
1. Oval Office Drunkards Hall of Fame: Andrew Johnson, US Grant, Betty Ford and more.
2. Watergate - a glimpse under the rock.
3. Billy Carter - an embarrassment for Jimmy and the Libyans, a hero to me.
4. Spiro Agnew's woes - Problems For Dick.
5. Bert Vance - Problems For The Peanut Farmer
6. Warren G. Harding - Teapot Dome Scandal
7. Ronald Reagan - Iran Contra Goes Network
8. Bill Clinton - Whitewater Real Estate and the Vince Foster suicide.
9. George Bush - The Clarence Thomas affair.
10. Ronald Reagan - Wedtech
11. LBJ - Robert G. "Bobby” Baker
12. JFK - Billy Sol Estes
13. Richard Nixon - "Intell-Pro” and Kent State, Jane Fonda, et al
14. The Presidential Curse
Presidential Confidential serves up the behind-the-scenes stories that the schoolbooks left out -- deliciously juicy stories like secret (and sometimes sordid) affairs, dirty tricks, criminal acts, embarrassing moments, and much more. From George Washington stepping out on Martha to George Bush stepping on practically everyone, it delivers the sex, scandal, murder, and mayhem in the dishy style of a 1950s scandal mag. Author John Boertlein takes an irreverent, no-cow-is-too-sacred-to-be-spared approach, covering the mishaps of the great and not-so-great with equal relish: shady financial deals and shadier friends, famous drunks and infamous relatives, assassinations and assassination attempts. The stories range from in-depth treatments to short sidebars, making this an entertaining and informative read that can be sampled on the run or enjoyed at length. Loaded with pictures and fun facts, and featuring an attractive, stylized layout, Presidential Confidential is a riotous romp through the Oval Office.