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Strength Training Bible for Men

The Complete Guide to Lifting Weights for Power, Strength & Performance
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William Smith
Hatherleigh Press
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Introduction1. About the Experts2. Why Be Strong?- Strength Training versus Bodybuilding3. Strength Training Terminology4. Programming Basics5. The Truth about Strength Training6. Basic Muscular Anatomy7. Equipment and Gear8. Warming Up9. The Exercises10. The Programs- Introductory Cycle- Beginner Cycle- Intermediate Cycle- Advanced Cycle11. Creating Your Own Program12. Injury Prevention and Maintenance- The Mobility Myth- Injury Prevention Exercises by Body Area- Injury Prevention WorkoutsIndex of ExercisesFrom the Trade Paperback edition.
The coaching you need to build strength, maximum muscle growth and power.Experts agree the fastest and most effective way to build strength and increase muscle mass is to lift weights. Written by top strength training professionals, Strength Training Bible is the comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to mastering the basics of weight lifting and barbell training. Divided by fitness levels, Strength Training Bible shows you how to craft powerful workouts that are tailored to your unique goals. Designed to minimize risk and maximize results, the Strength Training Bible program combines the best elements of strength training and weight lifting in a program you can do at home or in the gym. With the Strength Training Bible program you will:- Build muscle and definition - Increase endurance and energy - Achieve perfect form with detailed, step-by-step exercise instructions - Turn your home work space or garage into a fully functional weight room - Reach long-time fitness goals and maintain definition year-round - Get the body you've always wanted-in record time! Stop looking for the "perfect program" and start working towards your goals with an exercise regimen created to help you reach the next level in physical fitness. It's time to take the first step towards your physical peak with Strength Training Bible!