Atlas of Clinical Neurology
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Atlas of Clinical Neurology

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Roger N. Rosenberg
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Developmental Disorders.- Genetic Diseases of the Nervous System.- Neuroendocrine Disorders.- Critical Care Neurology.- Cerebrovascular Disease.- Dementias.- Behavioral Neurology.- Neuro-oncology.- Movement Disorders.- The Epilepsies.- Neuromuscular Disease.- Infectious Diseases of the Nervous System.- Neuroimmunology.- Neurotoxic Disorders.- Headache.
Te third edition of the Atlas of Clinical Neurology y highlights and risk factor for AD is the presence of the E4 allele of apoliopop- underscores the enormous strides being made in the biologic tein E (chromosome 19). Additional detailed images related to understanding of neurologic disease. Neurology is a highly visual the dementias are included in the third edition of the atlas. Tese specialty. T e neurologic examination, MRI, electroencephalog- clinical-molecular correlations are all very recent and attest to raphy, PET, functional MRI, and light and electron microscopy the scientifc vi gor of current neruoscientifc research. It is my are examples of visual images that def ne neurologic disease and view that in the near future these data will lead to ef ective new normal brain functions. T is atlas has been designed to provide therapies for AD that will slow its rate of progress and signifcantly a comprehensive visual exposition and integration of all aspects reduce the incidence of this major, debilitating disease. PET and of neurologic disease, including clinical syndromes and related functional MRI have ef ectively def ned regional brain areas for neuropathology, neuroradiology, neurophysiology, neurophar- behaviors. T e clarity of insights into heterogeneous brain function macology, neurochemistry, and molecular biology. T e goal is to by PET and MRI is literally revolutionizing our concept of how our provide a holistic visual concept of neurologic disease to provide brains think.

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