International Atlas of AIDS

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Donna Mildvan

In a time when AIDS is becoming more prevalent and wide-spread, the formerly-named Atlas of AIDS has now become the International Atlas of AIDS, in order to reflect current conditions throughout the world. This Atlas will cover a multitude of new aspects of the disease, including new therapies, syndromes, and management strategies. An extensive collection of images makes up an Atlas that will prove indispensable to various members of the medical field.
The diagnosis and treatment of patients with HIV infection is often times unique and atypical requiring healthcare professionals to have access to not only the most current, but also the most comprehensive information. With this new edition of the Atlas of AIDS, the readers receive a vivid and visually striking reference, enabling them to effectively meet the clinical challenges of this rapidly advancing field.
Under the expert direction of Dr. Donna Mildvan, leading experts in the field have carefully reviewed and selected over 600 images, creating the most complete and effective collection of clinical images ever assembled. The International Atlas of AIDS has been updated with the latest knowledge covering the entire field from epidemiology and prevention...to associate malignancies...to neurologic manifestations. Remarkable illustrations, clinical photographs, instructive schematic diagrams, and informative charts are all accompanied by detailed captions that assist you through the diagnosis, treatment, and management of this amazingly complex disease.

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