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The Handbook of Counselling Children & Young People

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Maggie Robson
SAGE Publications Ltd
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Part I: Theory and Practice ApproachesChapter 1: Child Development and Attachment - Divine CharuraChapter 2: Child and Young Person Centred Approach - Graham BrightChapter 3: Psychodynamic Approaches - Sue Kegerreis, Nick MidgleyChapter 4: Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy - Paul StallardChapter 5: Gestalt - Belinda HarrisChapter 6: Becoming an Integrative Practitioner - Niki Cooper and Kelli Swain-CowperChapter 7: Play Therapy - Lisa Gordon-ClarkChapter 8: Other Creative Approaches - Barbara Smith, Kaye Richards, Karen Lowe and Peter LowePart II Counselling Practices and ProcessesChapter 9: Referrals and Indications for Therapy - Ani de la Prida, Wendy HayChapter 10: Preparations for Therapy: Beginnings - Edith Bell, David StewartChapter 11: Therapeutic alliance and Counselling Process - Sue Pattison and Sandra Bell, with acknowledgment to Mark PreverChapter 12: Therapeutic Skills - Claire Harrison-Breed with acknowledgements to Sally Ingram& Maggie RobsonChapter 13: Supervision - Penny Leake, Ann Beynon and Jenny BiancardiChapter 14: Groupwork - Ros Sewell, Peter Pearce, Gwen ProudChapter 15: Ending - Dee C. RayChapter 16: Evaluating counselling - Katie McArthur, Mick CooperPart III: Practice IssuesChapter 17: Law and Policy - Peter JenkinsChapter 18: Ethics - Peter JenkinsChapter 19: Diversity - Divine Charura, Tom McAndrew and Sue PattisonChapter 20: Bereavement - Maggie RobsonChapter 21: Depression and Anxiety: Common Challenges for Children and Young People - Jennifer BaggerlyChapter 22: Self-Harm and Suicide - Sum Yu Pansy Yue and Dennis OugrinChapter 23: Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse - Beverley Turner-DalyChapter 24: Eating Disorders - Rebecca KirkbrideChapter 25: Mental Illness in Children and Young People - Paul Nicholson, Divine Charura and Brian CharlesworthPart IV: Practice SettingsChapter 26: Health and Social Care Services - Barbara Smith, Sue Pattison and Cathy BellChapter 27: School and Education Settings - Peter Pearce, Ros Sewell and Karen Cromarty
Expert authors from a wide range of backgrounds bring together the fundamentals of counselling practice with children and young people in this landmark handbook. It covers all your students need to know about theory and practice approaches, the counselling process, and practice issues and settings. This second edition is updated with the latest developments and research in an ever-changing field, and includes new content on:

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