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Essentials of Nursing Practice

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Catherine Delves-Yates
SAGE Publications Ltd
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Part A: Learning to be a NurseChapter 1. What is Nursing and what is a Nurse - Catherine Delves-Yates, Karen Elcock, Ruth Northway, Steve Trenoweth, Carol Hall Chapter 2. Being a Nursing Student - Catherine Delves-Yates, Jackie PhippsChapter 3. Core Academic Skills - Gabby Thorpe, Jonathan MasonChapter 4. Academic Writing and Assessment Skills - Gabrielle Thorpe and Jonathan MasonPart B: Professional PracticeChapter 5. Ethics - Ruth Northway and Ian BeechChapter 6. Law - Graham AveryChapter 7. Accountability and professionalism - Karen Elcock Chapter 8. Resilience - E. Jane BlowersChapter 9. The role of the student nurse in effecting change - Jackie PhippsPart C: Fundamentals of Nursing CareChapter 10. Delivering effective care - Wendy Wright and Fiona EverettChapter 11. Introduction to Nursing Theory - Carol HallChapter 12. Value-based, Person-Centred Care - Catherine Delves-YatesChapter 13. Patient, service user, family and carer perspectives - Katrina Emerson, Ruth NorthwayChapter 14. Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation (APIE) - Rebekah HillChapter 15. Core communication skills - Karen Elcock and Jean ShapcotChapter 16. Communication and interpersonal skills in challenging circumstances - Steve Trenoweth and Wasiim AllymamodChapter 17. Assessing and managing risk PLUS Clinical governance and quality - Melanie Fisher, Margaret Scott, and Karen ElcockChapter 18. Record keeping and documentation - Robert Jenkins and Jill BarnesChapter 19. Clinical decision making - Gemma Hurley Chapter 20. Safeguarding - Robert Jenkins and Jill BarnesChapter 21. Promoting Health - Charlene Lobo, Helen Walker and Daryl EvansPart D Skills for Nursing CareChapter 22. Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) - Rose GallagherChapter 23. Aseptic Technique and Specimen Collection - Rose GallagherChapter 24. Clinical Measurement - Valerie FoleyChapter 25. Pain management - Ann KettyleChapter 26. Skin integrity - Irene AndersonChapter 27. Safer Handling of People - Dianne Steele, Lesley Dowding, Sam Emerson and Mike Cowan-JonesChapter 28. First Aid - Chris Mulryan Chapter 29. Medicines Administration - Carol Hall Chapter 30. Assisting Patients with their nutritional needs - Kate Goodhand and Jane Ewen Chapter 31. Assisting Patients with their Elimination needs - Mairead Collie and David J. Hunter Chapter 32. Assisting Patients with their Hygiene needs - Catherine Delves Yates Chapter 33. Last offices - Jean Shapcott PART E Context of Nursing CareChapter 34. Introduction to the Organisation and settings of care - Siobhan McCullough Chapter 35. Introduction to Interprofessional working - Adele Atkinson Chapter 36. Introduction to the psychological contexts of nursing - Janet RamjeetChapter 37. Introduction to sociological contexts of nursing - Ruth NorthwayChapter 38. Introduction to public health - Siobhan McCullough Chapter 39. Introduction to health policy and the political context of nursing - Catherine Delves-YatesChapter 40. Introduction to the global context of nursing - Catherine Delves-Yates

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