The SAGE Handbook of Personality and Individual Differences
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The SAGE Handbook of Personality and Individual Differences

Volume III: Applications of Personality and Individual Differences
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Virgil Zeigler-Hill
SAGE Publications Ltd
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Part 07: Health and Psychological AdjustmentChapter 54: Personality Pathology - Michael P. Hengartner, Johannes Zimmermann, & Aidan G. C. WrightChapter 55: Personality and Depression - Daniel N. Klein, Megan C. Finsaas, Brandon L. Goldstein, Ellen M. Kessel, Daniel Kopala-Sibley, & Roman KotovChapter 56: Emotion Regulation: Theoretical Models, Associated Outcomes, and Recent Advances - Kim L. Gratz, Laura J. Dixon, Elizabeth J. Kiel, & Matthew T. TullChapter 57: Stress and Its Multiple Faces - Dusica Lecic Tosevski, Olivera Vukocic, Bojana Pejuskovic, & Nadja P. MaricChapter 58: Self-Regulation: An Integrative Review - Rick H. Hoyle & Erin K. DavissonChapter 59: Disease Avoidance: An Evolutionary Perspective on Personality and Individual Differences - Natalie J. Shook, Benjamin Oosterhoff, John A. Terrizzi, & Russ ClayChapter 60: Measurement and Theory in Disgust Sensitivity - Joshua M. Tybur & Annika K. KarinenPart 08: Social BehaviorChapter 61: Aggression - Wayne A. Warburton & Craig A. AndersonChapter 62: Agreeableness: A Three-Level Integration - William G. Graziano & Renée M. TobinChapter 63: Social Hierarchies - Patricia H. Hawley & Andrew R. BowerChapter 64: Interpersonal Accuracy in Trait Judgments - Tera D. Letzring & David C. FunderChapter 65: Experiencing and Regulating Desire - Wilhelm Hofmann & Lotte van DillenChapter 66: Externalizing, Psychopathy, and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Parsimonious, Trait-Based Approach - David D. Vachon, Donald R. Lynam, Joshua D. Miller, & Robert F. KruegerChapter 67: The Personality Bases of Political Ideology and Behavior - Aleksandra Cichocka & Kristof DhontChapter 68: Personality and Religiosity: Intuitions and Findings - Benjamin Beit-HallahmiChapter 69: Narcissism: A Social-Developmental Perspective - Sander Thomaes, Eddie Brummelman, & Constantine SedikidesChapter 70: Emotional Intelligence: What It Is, How It Can Be Measured and Increased, and Whether It Makes Us Successful and Happy - Astrid Schütz & Selda KoydemirChapter 71: Dispositional Envy: A Conceptual Review - Jens Lange, Lisa Blatz, & Jan CrusiusPart 09: Personality in the WorkplaceChapter 72: Individual Differences in Vocational Interests - Julie Aitken SchermerChapter 73: Personnel Selection and Personality - Ioannis Nikolaou & Konstantina FotiChapter 74: The Expanded Criterion Space for Individual Differences and Leadership - Kim-Yin Chan & Jeffrey C. KennedyChapter 75: Dark Personality and Features of Employment - Seth M. Spain & P. D. HarmsChapter 76: Personality and Occupational Success - Adrian FurnhamChapter 77: Economics and Well-Being - Bruno S. FreyChapter 78: Modernizing Intelligence in the Workplace: Recent Developments in Theory and Measurement of Intelligence at Work - Elliott Larson, Kenneth P. Yusko, Charles Scherbaum, Harold Goldstein, Juliet Aiken, & Lorren Oliver Chapter 79: Mental Toughness: A Personality Trait that is Relevant across Achievement Contexts and Mental Health Outcomes - Kostas A. Papageorgiou, Julian Mutz, Ying Lin, & Peter J. Clough
The examination of personality and individual differences is a major field of research in the modern discipline of psychology. Concerned with the ways humans develop an organised set of characteristics to shape themselves and the world around them, it is a study of how people come to be 'different' and 'similar' to others, on both an individual and a cultural level. This volume focuses on various contexts and applications of personality and individual differences, in chapters arranged across three thematic sections:Part 1: Health and Psychological Adjustment
Part 2: Social Behavior
Part 3: Personality in the Workplace
With outstanding contributions from leading scholars across the world, this is an invaluable resource for researchers and graduate students.

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