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Jayne Cortez, Adrienne Rich, and the Feminist Superhero

Voice, Vision, Politics, and Performance in U.S. Contemporary Women's Poetics
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Laura Hinton
Lexington Books
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Introduction - Wondering about Wonder Women of Contemporary American Poetry
Chapter 1 - Adrienne Rich's Snapshot of a Daughter-In-Law: The Postwar Photos and the Power of Feminist Reframing

Chapter 2 - From Fragility to Heroic Strength: Mapping the Female Body in Adrienne Rich's Poetry and Prose

Chapter 3 - Diving into SEEK: Adrienne Rich and the Social Movements at the City College of New York, 1968-1974

Chapter 4 - "Everyone. For a Moment": Adrienne Rich's Public Poetics as Heroism

Chapter 5 - Superheroic Subversion through Music and Movement in Cotrez's "Samba is Power"

Chapter 6 - Vision/Performance/Sound: A Body "Doubling into Woman-hood" in the Poetics of Jayne Cortez

Chapter 7 - "Drums Everywhere Drums": Questioning Object Violence in Jayne Cortez's Jazz Fan Looks Back

Chapter 8 - Being New York City: The Feminist Audacity of Jayne Cortez's Urban Poetry
One a lyric "confessional" poet and essayist, the other a jazz "spoken-word" performance artist, Adrienne Rich and Jayne Cortez were American feminist superheroes who produced extensive bodies of poetic work that reveal strangely overlapping visions, but in radically different voices and poetic styles. This book reconsiders the poetry activism of Cortez and Rich side-by-side, engaging poetics theory, cultural studies, and popular media in its literary analyses. A collection of eight integrated chapters by multiple poetry critics, as well as an artist-statement narrative by Wonder Woman sculptor Linda Stein, the book focuses upon the voice of bravado, the various calls for global justice, and Third Wave feminist "intersectional" critiques all embodied within these two women's poetic texts. The book also examines the twentieth-century figure of the American superhero, particularly Wonder Woman, bringing popular-culture studies into conversation with literary criticism, as well as visual art through the inclusion of Stein's commentary and illustrations. This beautiful and compelling book experiments with the festschrift concept by inviting multiple and competing disciplinary views on U.S. feminist poetics, women's art and aesthetics, racial and sexual identities, as well as politics and performance-all in tribute to the power of poetry by Cortez and Rich.