Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development
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Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development

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Qing Yan
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1175, Methods in Molecular Biology

Includes cutting-edge methods and protocols
Part I. Systems and "Omics" Studies in Pharmacogenomics

1. From Pharmacogenomics and Systems Biology to Personalized Care: A Framework of Systems and Dynamical Medicine

Qing Yan

2. Translational Bioinformatics Approaches for Systems and Dynamical Medicine

Qing Yan

3. Whole Blood Transcriptomic Analysis to Identify Clinical Biomarkers of Drug Response

Grant P. Parnell and David R. Booth

4. Diagnostic Procedures for Paraffin Embedded Tissues Analysis in Pharmacogenomic Studies

Raffaele Palmirotta, Maria Laura De Marchis, Giorgia Ludovici, Patrizia Ferroni, Pasquale Abete, Fiorella Guadagni, and David Della-Morte

5. Approach to Clinical and Genetic Characterization of Statin-Induced Myopathy

QiPing Feng

6. Pharmacogenetics of Membrane Transporters: A Review of Current Approaches

Tristan M. Sissung, Andrew K.L. Goey, Ariel M. Ley, Jonathan D. Strope, and William D. Figg

7. G Protein-Coupled Receptor Accessory Proteins and Signaling: Pharmacogenomic Insights

Miles D. Thompson, David E. C. Cole, Pedro A. Jose, and Peter Chidiac

8. G Protein-Coupled Receptor Mutations and Human Genetic Disease

Miles D. Thompson, Geoffrey N. Hendy, Maire E. Percy, Daniel G. Bichet and David E. C. Cole

9. Pharmacogenetics of the G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Miles D. Thompson, David E. Cole, Valerie Capra, G. Enrico Rovati, and Brinda K. Rana

Part II. Clinical Applications of Pharmacogenomics

10. Pharmacogenomics of Heart Failure

Anastasios Lymperopoulos and Faren French

11. Pharmacogenomics in the Development and Characterization of Atheroprotective Drugs

Efi Valanti, Alexandros Tsompanidis, and Despina Sanoudou

12. Management of Side-Effects in the Personalized Medicine Era: Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

P. Alberti and G. Cavaletti

13. Pharmacogenomics of Alzheimer's Disease: Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Drug Development

Ramón Cacabelos, Pablo Cacabelos, Clara Torrellas, Sergio Piñeiro-Hermida, María J. Villanueva-Millán, Cristina Solveira, Iván Tellado, and Juan C. Carril

14. Pharmacogenetics of Antipsychotic Treatment in Schizophrenia

Jennie G. Pouget and Daniel J. Müller

15. Pharmacogenetics of Addiction Therapy

David A. Nielsen, Ellen M. Nielsen, Teja Dasari, and Catherine J. Spellicy

16. Pharmacogenetics in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Deepali Sen, Jisna R Paul, and Prabha Ranganathan

17. The Pharmacogenomics of Osteoporotic Fractures

José A. Riancho and Flor Pérez-Campo

18. Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoepigenomics in Pediatric Medicine

Barkur S. Shastry

19. Pharmacogenomics in Children

Michael Rieder
Covering topics from individual molecules to systemic diseases, from basic concepts to advanced technologies, Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development , Second Edition provides a practical, state-of-the-art and integrative view of the application of pharmacogenomics in drug discovery and development. A wide range of theoretical and experimental approaches are introduced to meet the problem-solving objectives for understanding the complexity in health and diseases, from laboratory tests to computational analysis. The development of pharmacogenomics represents the evolution of biomedicine from treating the disease itself to treating the malfunction of an individual person, the "root" of diseases. With the change of focus from disease-centered to human-centric medicine, pharmacogenomics brings hope for the transformation from simple disease treatment to accurate prediction and effective prevention. Written in the successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible protocols, and notes on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.
Authoritative and easily accessible, Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development, Second Edition seeks to serve both professionals and novices with comprehensive resources and a holistic view for the translation of pharmacogenomics into better preventive and personalized medical care.

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