Forest Landscapes and Global Change
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Forest Landscapes and Global Change

Challenges for Research and Management
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João C. Azevedo
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A global analysis of drivers of change in forest landscapes and their ecological consequences
Chapter 1. Forest Landscape Ecology and Global Change: an Introduction.- Chapter 2. Climate as an Agent of Change in Forest Landscapes.- Chapter 3. Wildfires and Landscape Dynamics in Portugal - A Regional Assessment and Global Implications.- Chapter 4. Humans as Agents of Change in Forest Landscapes.- Chapter 5. Changes in the Ecosystem Services Provided by Forests and their Economic Valuation - A Review.- Chapter 6. Carbon Fluxes and Storage in Forests and Landscapes.- Chapter 7. Forest Landscape Change and Biodiversity Conservation.- Chapter 8. Landscape Assessment and Monitoring.- Chapter 9. Forest Landscape Management in Response to Change: The Practicality.- Chapter 10. Forest Landscape Ecology and Global Change: What are the Next Steps.
Climate change, urban sprawl, abandonment of agriculture, intensification of forestry and agriculture, changes in energy generation and use, expansion of infrastructure networks, habitat destruction and degradation, and other drivers of change occur at increasing rates. They affect patterns and processes in forest landscapes, and modify ecosystem services derived from those ecosystems. Consequently, rapidly changing landscapes present many new challenges to scientists and managers. While it is not uncommon to encounter the terms "global change" and "landscape" together in the ecological literature, a global analyses of drivers of change in forest landscapes, and their ecological consequences have not been addressed adequately. That is the goal of this volume: an exploration of the state of knowledge of global changes in forested landscapes with emphasis on causes and effects, and challenges faced by researchers and land managers. Initial chapters identify and describe major agents of landscape change: climate, fire, and human activities. The next series of chapters address implications of changes on ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation and carbon flux. A chapter that describes methodologies of detecting and monitoring landscape changes is presented followed by chapter that highlights the many challenges forest landscape managers face amidst of global change. Finally, we present a summary and a synthesis of the main points presented in the book. Each chapter will contain the individual research experiences of chapter authors, augmented by review and synthesis of global scientific literature on relevant topics, as well as critical input from multiple peer reviewers.

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