Cutaneous Hematopathology
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Cutaneous Hematopathology

Approach to the Diagnosis of Atypical Lymphoid-Hematopoietic Infiltrates in Skin
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Hernani B. Cualing
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Provides a novel approach based on histoimmuno-architectural patterns
I. Introduction to Hematopathology of Skin Infiltrates

1. Patterns of Lymphohistiocytic Reaction in Skin: An Approach to Cutaneous Lymphohematopoieitic Infiltrate Using Histologic Patterns and Immunostains
Hernani D. Cualing and Marshall E.Kadin

2. Functional Organization of the Skin as an Immune Response Organ: Skin, Immune Response and Useful Immunohistochemistry
Marshall E. Kadin and Hernani D. Cualing

3. Role of Immunohistochemistry and Chromogenic In Situ Hybridization in Diagnosis
Mark Mochel and Mai P. Hoang

4. Role Of Molecular Genetic and Flow Cytometry Analysis In Cutaneous Hematopathology- Including Application in Ten Disease Categories: Using Molecular and Immunophenotyping Technics in Evaluation of Hyperplasia, Atypical Infiltrates, and Frank Lymphomas
Hernani D. Cualing and Marshall E. Kadin

II. Histo-Immunoreactive Pattern-Based Diagnosis

5. Epidermotropic Reactions
Uma N. Sundram

6. Neoplastic Epidermotropic Diseases
Marshall E. Kadin and Hernani D. Cualing

7. Nodular B Lymphocyte Reactive Patterns: Reactive Nodular B-cell Pattern
Phyu P. Aung and Meera Mahalingam

8. T-cell Pseudolymphoma Presenting in a Lichenoid and Nodular Pattern
Kara M. Trapp, Summer D. Moon, Manojkumar T. Patel, and Michael B. Morgan

9. Neoplastic Nodular B-Cell Pattern
M. Angelica Selim and Mai P. Hoang

10. Neoplastic Nodular T Cell Pattern: An Approach to Diagnosis of Neoplastic Nodular T-cell Lymphomas of Skin
Hernani D. Cualing, Michael B. Morgan and Marshall E. Kadin

11. Subcutaneous Pattern: Subcutaneous Lymphoproliferative Disorders
Marshall E. Kadin and Hernani D. Cualing

III. Specific Patterns Including Granulomas and Infections

12. CD30+ Cutaneous Lymphoproliferative Disorders and Pseudolymphomas
Marshall E. Kadin

13. Lymphohistiocytic and Granulomatous Dermatitis: Differential Diagnosis of Granulomatous Dermatitis
May P. Chan

14. Cutaneous Pathology of Emergent and Tropical Infections: Skin, Infectious Pathogens, Emergent and Tropical Infections
Wun-Ju Shieh

15. Cutaneous Lymphoid Infiltrates in Patients Receiving Biologic Modifiers
Jonathan J. Lee and Mai P. Hoang

16. Cutaneous Myelomonocytic Infiltrates
Samir Dalia, Lubomir Sokol and Hernani D. Cualing

17. Cutaneous Intravascular Conditions
Vincent Liu

18. Non-Lymphoid Tumors Mimicking Lymphoma
Alicia Schnebelen, Jennifer R. Kaley and Sara Shalin
This volume explores the nexus of manifestations of hematopathology and dermatopathology and provides a novel compartmental(epidermal, dermal, subcutaneous) -based framework to approach a diagnosis that considers both pseudolymphomatous and lymphomatous patterns. Through photographs, tables, and text, the book illustrates the range of non-neoplastic hematologic disorders and their neoplastic counterparts in skin: reactive patterns of infectious etiology and immune responses that simulate cutaneous lymphomas. The epidemiology, pathobiology, clinical and immuno-histopathologic manifestations in skin as well as the approach to diagnosis, selection and algorithmic interpretation of tests, and prognosis are also described.Written by experts in the field, Cutaneous Hematopathology: Approach to the Diagnosis of Atypical Lymphoid-Hematopoietic Infiltrates in Skin is a comprehensive resource that is of great value to surgical pathologists, hematopathologists, dermatopathologists, residents and fellows, community dermatologists, oncologists and infectious disease practitioners.

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