Female Puberty
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Female Puberty

A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians
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Jennifer E. Dietrich
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¿1. History and trends of pubertal development in females 2. Normal pubertal physiology in females 3. Genetics of normal puberty 4. Psychology and neurobiology of puberty in females 5. Puberty in the fetus and neonate 6. Central precocious puberty 7. Peripheral precocious puberty 8. Isolated isosexual or heterosexual puberty 9. Constitutional delay of puberty 10. Hormonal causes of delayed puberty 11. Anatomic cause of delayed puberty 12.  Genetic causes of delayed puberty 13. Consideration of pubertal events among patients with disorders of sexual differentiation 14. Puberty in developmentally delayed or physically challenged patients.
Female Puberty: A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians is a practical reference, covering the full range of issues related to pubertal development. Developed to answer pointed clinical questions and to provide a thorough review of the literature, the book covers both the basics and the complexities of puberty, encompassing psychosocial development to pubertal nuances in highly specialized populations. Comprehensive in scope, this title offers concepts that are concisely conveyed and chapters that complement each other well. Complex subjects such as details of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis are covered in a readily understandable manner and bullet points throughout the text serve as helpful reminders to the reader. An invaluable contribution to the literature, Female Puberty: A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians will be of great interest to all health providers concerned with female reproductive health - including obstetrician gynecologists, reproductive endocrine specialists, pediatricians, pediatric specialists, family practitioners and allied health professionals.

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