Archaeological Dimension of World Heritage
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Archaeological Dimension of World Heritage

From Prevention to Social Implications
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Alicia Castillo
SpringerBriefs in Archaeology
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Foreword.- Chapter 1: Archaeological dimension of World Heritage: from prevention to social implications.- Chapter 2:An Approach on the Application of Preventive Archaeology in Havana's Historic Center, Cuba.- Chapter 3: A three-dimensional approach to the documentation and analysis of heritage sites: a case study from the Cypriot cultural heritage landscape.- Chapter 4: The Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, New South Wales, Australia: Land Use Planning and Management of Aboriginal and Archaeological Heritage.- Chapter 5: Is World Heritage a Heritage of the Community?.- Strategies for the Socialization of São Miguel Das Missões, Brazil.- Chapter 6: Libya before and after the conflict: WHAT future for its cultural heritage?.- Chapter 7: The Protection of the Archaeological Heritage in Minorcan Urban Planning: Forward-looking Management Models.- Chapter 8: Best Practices in World Heritage Management.
This volume presents case studies from around the world aiming to serve as a hands-on book for management and treatment of archaeological World Heritage properties. It comprises not only sites inscribed as World Heritage due to their archaeological character but also World Heritage properties where the analysis of their archaeological dimension provides a deeper and better understanding of the assets and includes the potential for disseminating this knowledge. The book has an important practical value, since all the works presented here illustrate - with practical examples, the best and most appropriate ways to manage World Heritage properties. The aim of the heritage managers at these World Heritage sites is to improve conservation and increase understanding and communication in such a way that the communities living in those sites or who earn a livelihood from them can be positively affected by these initiatives.

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