Clinical Use of Anti-infective Agents
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Clinical Use of Anti-infective Agents

A Guide on How to Prescribe Drugs Used to Treat Infections
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Robert W. Finberg
304 g
235x155x10 mm

Starting with an outline of the drugs used to treat infections, this book then analyzes approaches to diseases caused by different organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses). It also sets out numerous case studies, dosing recommendations and drug interactions.
Useful for for students of pharmacology and medical students
Introduction and History.- Sulfonamides.- Penicillins.- Cephalosporins.- Monobactam.- Carbapenems.- Glycopeptides and other agents used to treat gram-positive cocci.- Aminoglycosides.- Macrolides.- Metronidazole and Clindamycin.- Quinolones.- Tetracyclines.- Clinical approach to the treatment of infectious diseases.- Basic principles of Drug Delivery and Dosing.- Understanding drug allergies and drug toxicities.- Principles of antibiotic resistance.- Clinical approach to treatment of bacterial infections.- Clinical approach to treatment of mycobacterial infections.- Clinical approach to treatment of fungal infections.- Clinical approach to treatment of viral infections.- Sample case studies and analyses of approaches.- Appendix 1: Dosage and Intervals for Administration of IV Antimicrobials.- Appendix 2: Dosage and Intervals for Administration of Oral Antimicrobials.- Appendix 3: Oral Agents that may have interactions with food.- Appendix 4: Important interactions with commonly used anti-infectives.- Appendix 5: Drug interactions with anti-retroviral agents.
This book was designed as a reference tool for pharmacists involved in the treatment of patients with infections. It is clinically oriented and designed to help students in all medical disciplines, and especially pharmacists and students of pharmacy who need information on choosing the correct drug, dose, and method of administration of an agent to patients with infectious diseases. Nurse practitioners and clinical microbiologists who need to understand the use of anti-infective agents in patients will also find this volume useful.

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