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Literary Cynics

Borges, Beckett, Coetzee
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Arthur Rose
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Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Introduction Paradox One Money Problems in Borges, Beckett and Coetzee 1 The Currency of Cosmopolitan FameParadox Two Coetzee, Borges and Negotiated Truth 2 Borges's ParablesParadox Three Borges, Beckett and the Sincerity Paradox 3 Beckett's ImpromptusParadox Four Locating Beckett in Patagonia and South Africa 4 Coetzee's LessonsParadox Five Creaturely Dog Men Conclusion: On Mere Life NotesBibliographyIndex
Focusing on work by Jorge Luis Borges, Samuel Beckett and J.M. Coetzee, Literary Cynics explores the relationship between literature and cynicism to consider what happens when authors write themselves into their art, against the rhetoric of authority. Rose takes as his starting point three moments of aesthetic crisis in the careers of these literary cynics: Borges's parables of the 1950s, Beckett's plays of the 1980s, and Coetzee's pedagogic novels of the 2000s. In their transition to 'late style', the works reflect their writers' abiding concern with particular conceptions of rhetoric and aesthetic form. Literary Cynics combines accounts of these 'late' works with classic, lesser known, and archival texts by the three writers, from Coetzee's Disgrace to Beckett's letters, as well as detailed analysis of cynicism, both ancient and modern, as a philosophical and political movement.

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