An Invitation to Social Construction
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An Invitation to Social Construction

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Kenneth J. Gergen
SAGE Publications Ltd
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CHAPTER 1: SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION - FROM "WHAT IS" TO "WHAT COULD BE" Together We Construct our Worlds The Social Origins of the Real and the Good Grounding Dialogues on Social Construction From Deconstruction to Reconstruction Reflective Pragmatism: The Working Vocabularies of the WorldCHAPTER 2: CONSTRUCTING THE REAL AND THE GOOD The Language We Live By Everyday Conversation: The Power of the Unremarkable Institutional Realities: Foucault on Power Identity Politics: To Be or Not To BeCHAPTER 3: HORIZONS OF HUMAN ENQUIRY From Empiricism to Constructionism Research Traditions in Transformation Discourse Study: Exploring Constructed Worlds Imagination in Action: Qualitative EnquiryCHAPTER 4: THE RELATIONAL SELF Generative Theory Individualism: Separation and its Discontents Self as Relationship: First Steps Self as Relationship: The Emerging Vision Mind as Relational Action Multi-Being: What Shall We Become Together?CHAPTER 5: DIALOGUE - CONFLICT AND TRANSFORMATION Exploring Dialogue: Key Concepts Dialogue and Difference Toward Transformative DialogueCHAPTER 6: EDUCATION AS RELATIONAL PROCESS Knowledge as Socially Constructed Education as Relational Process The Challenge of Student EvaluationCHAPTER 7: THE HELPING PROFESSIONS - CO-CONSTRUCTION IN ACTION Therapy as Social Construction Collaborative Means to Human Well-being Meaning and MedicineCHAPTER 8: MAKING MEANING IN ORGANIZATIONS Organizing Through Language Relational Organizing: Key to the Future The Organization as SystemCHAPTER 9: SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION IN QUESTION Realism: "But there is a World Out There!" The Challenge of Moral Relativism Missing Ingredients: The Body and Power The Challenge of Moral Relativism
An Invitation to Social Construction is the must-read text for all social science students, academics and practitioners wishing to learn about social constructionism, along with the forms of inquiry and practice central to its impact.

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