Web Survey Methodology
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Web Survey Methodology

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Mario Callegaro
Research Methods for Social Scientists SAGE Publications Ltd
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Chapter 1: Survey research and web surveys Definition and typology Web survey process Evolution of web surveys, applications and related practicesChapter 2: Pre-fielding Mode elaboration Sampling Questionnaire preparation Technical preparations Nonresponse strategy General managementChapter 3: Fielding Recruiting Measurement Processing and monitoringChapter 4: Post-fielding Data preparation Preliminary results Data exporting and documentationChapter 5: Selected topics in web survey implementation Smartphones, tablets and other devices Online panels Web survey softwareChapter 6: Broader context of web surveys Broader methodological context Web surveys within the project management framework The web survey profession Web survey bibliographyChapter 7: Future of web surveys General technological developments Web survey software Methodology Broader business and societal issuesChapter 8: Conclusions
Web Survey Methodology guides the reader through the past fifteen years of research in web survey methodology. It both provides practical guidance on the latest techniques for collecting valid and reliable data and offers a comprehensive overview of research issues. Core topics from preparation to questionnaire design, recruitment testing to analysis and survey software are all covered in a systematic and insightful way. The reader will be exposed to key concepts and key findings in the literature, covering measurement, non-response, adjustments, paradata, and cost issues. The book also discusses the hottest research topics in survey research today, such as internet panels, virtual interviewing, mobile surveys and the integration with passive measurements, e-social sciences, mixed modes and business intelligence.

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