Developing Leadership
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Developing Leadership

Questions Business Schools Don't Ask
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Christopher Mabey
SAGE Publications Ltd
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1. Introduction: What kind of leader are you becoming? - Christopher Mabey and Wolfgang MayrhoferPart 1: How do business schools prepare students for leadership?2. Questioning Business Schools - Tim Harle3. Questions business schools are unable to ask - Aidan Ward and Wolfgang Mayrhofer4. Preparing Managers for 'Exile' at Work? The Hong Kong Experience - Ricky, Yuk-Kwan Ng5. The forgotten humanness of organizations - Yuliya ShymkoRapporteur: Jerry BibermanPart 2: How robust are the theoretical and moral assumptions of business schools?6. Is economic growth a force for good? - Molly Scott Cato7. Can leadership be value-free? - Ken Parry & Audun Fiskerud8. Do business schools create conformists rather than leaders? - David Beech9. Business Schools, Economic Virtues and Christian Theology - Andrew Henley10: Can our bodies guide the teaching and learning of business ethics? - Leah TomkinsRapporteur: JC SpenderPart 3: Ethical leadership: philosophical and spiritual approaches11. Inspiring responsible leadership in business schools: can a spiritual approach help? - Karen Blakeley12. Is it possible to learn ethical leadership? MacIntyre, Zizek and the recovery of virtue. - Mervyn Conroy13. Classical Greek Philosophy and the Learning Journey - Hugo Gaggiotti and Peter Simpson14. For whose purposes do we educate? Wairua in Business schools - Pare Keiha and Edwina PioRapporteur: Laurence FreemanPart 4: Reclaiming a moral voice in business schools: some pedagogic examples15. Were business schools complicit in the financial crisis and can classical French literature help? - Rickard Grassman16. Why is it important for leaders to understand the meaning of respect? - Doirean Wilson17. The contemporary relevance of the Hebrew wisdom tradition - Phil Jackman 18. Do business schools prepare students for cosmopolitan careers? The case of Greater China - Pamsy Hui, Warren Chiu, John Coombes, and Elvy Pang19. Can an ethic of care support the teaching and management of change? - Mary Hartog and Leah Tomkins20. Management blockbusters: is there space for open dissent? - Daniel Doherty Rapporteur: David W. MillerCoda: Reflections on the Book, Its Genesis and Its Impact
What kind of a leader do you want to become?

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