To the Bitter End: The Final Campaigns of 1918
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To the Bitter End: The Final Campaigns of 1918

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David Murphy

From the German Kaiserschlacht of spring 1918 through to the eventual decisive Allied Hundred Days campaign of the autumn, this book details the events of the critical year of World War I.
Introduction: "War without strategy": the campaigns of 1917.
Part I. The Kaiserslacht
1. The new German doctrine
2. The envisaged plan
3. Michael and Georette, Gneisenau and Blücher-Yorck
Part II. Taking the initiative
1. Allied reforms and command restructuring
2. Initial moves - Le Hamel, 2nd Marne
3. Amiens Offensive
Part III. Consolidating Success
1. Albert
2. Scarpe Offensive
3. Clearing the Hindenburg Line
Part IV. To the bitter end
1. St Mihiel
2. Meuse-Argonne
3. The canal crossings
Conclusion - Ending War? - the Armistice, peace conferences, legacy issues (Russia, Middle East), legacy for inter-war military thinking.
1918, the climactic year of World War I, began with the Kaiserschlacht, a massive series of German infantry-led attacks, supported by artillery and air power, that sought to break the Allied resolve before the full weight of the American Expeditionary Forces could be brought to bear. After weathering the storm, the British, French and American forces counter-attacked, launching the Hundred Days campaign, which finally led to the victory in November.
Describing and analysing these operations, David Murphy shows how changes in the operational and command structures of both forces affected how these campaigns were fought, and looks in detail at some of the most significant battles, including Amiens, the Scarpe and Meuse-Argonne. He concludes by examining the peace conferences, and their legacy, as the former Allies found themselves involved in further conflict in Russia, Afghanistan, Ireland and Iraq.

Publishing one hundred years after these campaigns were fought, To The Bitter End tells the complete story of how World War I was won.