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Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology
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Section I - Biochemistry.- Hydroxproline Analogs of Bradykinin: Biological Activities and Solution Structures.- Ion Binding by Macrocyclic Depsipeptide Antibiotics: Mutual Replaceability of Amide and Ester Groups.- Radioimmunoassay of Circulating Blood Kinin Levels.- Some Properties of Bovine High Molecular Weight Kininogen.- Bradykininogen Synthesis by Liver.- Characteristics of Spontaneous Formation of Vasopressor Principle (VA) and of Plasma Kinin as Revealed by Temperature Changes.- Plasma Kininogen Assay. Importance of Maintaining Blood at Body Temperature until Assay.- Guinea Pig Prekallikrein Activator.- The Kallikrein-Like Activity Present in Human Euglobulin Fraction.- Protein Components which Relate to the Kinin Releasing System in Bovine Plasma.- The Presence of a Smooth Muscle Contracting and Bradykinin Potentiating Factor in Plasma.- Observations on the Chymotrypsin Peptide Releasing Activity on Plasmas.- An Alternative Scheme of Kinin Formation During Contact Activation of Human Plasma.- The Relationship between the Plasma Kinin-System and the Contact Phase of Blood-Coagulation in Man.- Connections between Kinin Formation and Complement.- The Role of Plasmin in the Activation of the Kinin System.- Clinical Determination of the Kallikrein in Human Urine.- Dissociation of Oedema Provoking Factor of Agkistrodon piscivorus Venom from Kininogenase.- Identity of Kininase II with an Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme.- Inhibition by Sulfhydryl Reagents of the Effects of Bradykinin, Arachidonic Acid and "Slow Reacting Substance C".- Studies on Kinin-Forming Enzymes in Human Plasma and Their Heterogeneity.- Section II - Physiology-Pharmacology.- Structure-Activity Relationships of Neurohypophyseal Polypeptides on Different Types of Isolated Mammalian Blood Vessels.- Participation of Kinins in the Regulation of Cerebral Vasopermeability.- Influence of the Autonomic Nervous System on Fibrinolytic Activity Caused by Bradykinin.- Fine Structure of Secretory Granules in Mammalian Submaxillary Glands.- Distribution of Kallikrein, Trypsin-Like Proteases and Amylase in Submaxillary Glands.- Changes in Kallikrein Activity of Rat Submandibular Gland During Postnatal Development.- Effect of Bradykinin Potentiating Peptide on Coronary Circulation in Conscious Dogs.- Metabolic Fates of Bradykinin, Angiotensin I, Adenine Nucleotides and Prostaglandins E1 and F1? in the Pulmonary Circulation.- Pulmonary Endothelial Cells and the Metabolism of Adenine Nucleotides, Kinins, and Angiotensin I.- Bronchial Motility Regulation and Bradykinin.- The Action of Bradykinin on Arterovenus Hyperstomia in Man.- Rat Intestinal Kallikrein.- Guinea Pig Kininogen-Kinin System in Pregnancy and Under Hormonal Influence.- Comparative Actions of Kinins of Increasing Molecular Weight on Smooth Muscle, Blood Pressure, and Vascular Permeability.- Effect of Kinins and of Kinin-Releasing Enzymes on Rat Mast Cells.- The Problem of Latency at Bradykinin and Some Analogues.- Supplemental Investigations to the Kinin Potentiating Action of Some Local Anesthetics.- Comparative Action of Peptides on the Gall Bladder and the Sphincter of Oddi.- Inhibitory Activity of Glucagon on Caerulein Exocrine Stimulation, Independent of Hyperglycemia.- Bradykinin Antagonism by Biflavonyls from Ginkgo biloba L. and Cypressus torulosa.- Section III - Pathology.- Plasma Kininogen and Arteriovenous Ratio in Late Pregnancy Toxemia.- Fetal Distress and Plasma Kininogen in the Newborn.- Changes in Kininogen Content of Serum and Some Organs During Injury and Inflammation in Rats.- Studies on the Mechanism of Kinin Release Induced by Antilymphocyte Globulin.- Activation of Bradykinin System in Acute Inflammation Induced by Endogenous or Exogenous Amines.- A Structure-Activity Basis for Vasotropic Peptide Therapy in Shock.- Bradykinin Metabolism in Shock and in State of Shock-Resistance.- Acid Dependent Kinin-Forming System in Mammalian Malignant and Normal Tissue.- Role of Vasoactive Peptide
The dynamic state of developments within the field of the vasoactive polypeptides is reflected in the continuous series of publications appearing on this topic Thus, the proposal to con o vene another symposium only two years after the 1969 Fiesole Symposium (Plenum Press, 1970) was received enthusiastically and with high expectation. Enthusiasm was based, undoubtedly, in part on meeting together once again in the very pleasant surroundings of Florence with most gracious and enchanting hosts. The 25th International Congress on Physiological Sciences held in Munich the following week also provided the impetus for the organization of this satellite symposium on vasopeptides. However, the accelerated pace of research in the "kinin" field was the major motivating force for the symposium. It was felt necessary to inform each other of the many advances that were taking place in the varied aspects of this specialized but impor tant field o The role of kinins in both physicologic and pathologic processes still remains to be elucidated definitively. Thus, these proceedings contain new and unpublished informa tion on the chemistry, biochemistry, physicology, pharmacology, as well as pathophysiology of vasopeptides. Recent data on &tructure activity relationships of kinin analogues are complemented by a description of radioimmunoassay techniques for kinins, and studies on the site of synthesis of substrates for kinin-forming enzymes.

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