Recent Advances in Science and Technology of Materials
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Recent Advances in Science and Technology of Materials

Volume 3
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Adlai Bishay
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of Volume 3.- Archeology.- Some Restoration Problems in Egypt and Their Treatment.- Lead Isotopes in Some Ancient Egyptian Objects.- Ancient Egyptian Silver: A Review.- Analytical Studies of Ancient Egyptian Glass.- Scanning and High Voltage Electron Microscopy of Ancient Egyptian Glass.- Mössbauer Effect Study of Ancient Egyptian Pottery and the Origin of the Colour in Black Ware.- An Analytical Comparison of Various Egyptian Soils, Clays, Shales, and Some Ancient Pottery by Neutron Activation.- Technological Studies of Egyptian Pottery - Modern and Ancient.- Some Ancient Egyptian Pigments.- Historical Notes on the Coloring of Metals.- A Technological Characterization of Two Cypriot Ceramics.- Natural Solid Solutions: Obsidians and Tektites.- Thermoluminescent Dating.- A Portable X-Ray Spectrometer for the Analysis of Archaeological Material.- Applications of the Solid State X-Ray Detector to the Study of Art Objects.- Diffusion and Techniques.- Isotope Effects and Mechanisms for Diffusion in NiO, CoO, and .- A Summary of Self-Diffusion and Impurity Diffusion in Cubic (NaCl-Type) Carbides.- An Approximate Theory of Mixing of a Random Array of Particles by Chemical Diffusion.- Study of Natural Iron Rust by Mössbauer Spectroscopy.- Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Some Spinel Ferrites. (I) Formation and Kinetics; (II) Temperature Dependence.- On the Use of Solid State Lasers for Cinematography of High Speed Transient Events.- Thermal and Epithermal Neutron Activation Analysis Using the Monostandard Method.- Radiochemical and Activation Analysis by Extraction of Daughter Nuclides: Determination of Molybdenum.- Technology.- Effect of Mode of Calcination of Uranates and Reduction of Intermediate Uranium Oxides on the Characterisation of Uranium Dioxide for Compacts.- The Refining of Glass Melts.- Effects of Redox Melting Conditions on the Viscosity of Quartz Glass.- On the Effectiveness of Nucleation Catalysts in the Formation of Glass-Ceramic Materials.- for Volume 1.- for Volume 2.

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