The Devil & Uncle Will
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The Devil & Uncle Will

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Harold Miles
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Bury'n Uncle Will.- Meetin' Uncle Will.- Sawmillin' and the Marsh Hen.- Cuttin' Pigs and Pickin' Strawberries.- Blowin' Stumps and Stealin' Turnips.- Holy Rollin'.- Pimento Plantin' and Pickin'.- Uncle Will Pays Up.- Larnin' 'Bout Women.- Will Larns Gamblin' and Cheatin'.- Bottom Dealin' and Sinkin' Lower.- Robbin'.- Slow Motion Getaway.- Prodigal Will.- Pot Luck.- Ol' Ebo and the Pinkerton.- Runnin'.- Uncle Will in Love.- Moonshinin'.- Puttin' Down Roots.- Scene of the Crime.- Breakin' Out.- Comin' Home to Die.
Maybe you'll be glad Uncle Will wasn't your best friend, but you will be glad you've read about Uncle Will and his exploits. We're talking about someone whose funeral was attended by people who mostly just wanted to make sure he was dead: Even the preacher couldn't cook up a decent eulogy! Oh, Uncle Will was a character, all right. His specialties: lyin', cheatin', gamblin', drinkin', and good livin'. And, in his own way, lovin'.The Devil and Uncle Will immortalizes many of the unforgettable adventures and stories Harold Miles heard from Uncle Will himself. Written with a special fondness for the old reprobate, The Devil and Uncle Will brings to life an extraordinary character-someone who actually claimed he'd made a pact with the devil. Latter-day Faust, good-ol'-boy gone bad-that's Uncle Will.
Harold Miles' style is lively, poignant, captivating. He knew and loved-and often found it hard to love-Uncle Will. Heck, he's kinfolk. But though there's an underlying deep seriousness in The Devil and Uncle Will, it's also an extremely funny book-southern humor at its best.
You'll laugh out loud, smile, maybe even shed a tear or two. But, whatever your emotions, you won't want to put this book down!

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