Children in Pain
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Children in Pain

Clinical and Research Issues From a Developmental Perspective
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Joseph P. Bush
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1. Conceptual Foundations: Pain and Child Development.- I. Research, Clinical, and Professional Issues.- 2. Developmental Contributions to the Assessment of Children's Pain: Conceptual and Methodological Implications.- 3. Assessment of Pediatric Pain.- 4. Intervention and Management.- 5. Pediatric Pain Management: Professional and Pragmatic Issues.- 6. Coping and Adaptation in Children's Pain.- 7. Developmental Issues: Infants and Toddlers.- 8. Developmental Issues: Preschool and School-Age Children.- 9. Developmental Issues: Adolescent Pain.- II. Specific Pain Populations.- 10. Recurrent Abdominal Pain.- 11. Burn Injury and Treatment Pain.- 12. Chronic and Recurrent Pain: Hemophilia, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Sickle Cell Disease.- 13. Pain and Pain-Related Distress in Children With Cancer.- 14. Migraine in Childhood: Developmental Aspects of Biobehavioral Treatment.- 15. Helping Children Cope With Painful Medical Procedures.- Afterword.- Author Index.
Our present understanding of the psychosocial aspects of pain in children is reviewed in this monograph by leading scientists and practitioners. The contributions are integrated within a developmental perspective to provide an introduction to the conceptual and methodological tools necessary for comprehension of new work in the field. This volume offers a survey of major new developments in the area of pediatric pain and points out the directions in which clinical work and conceptualization are moving. Children in Pain argues consistently and persuasively that both models of pain assessment, intervention techniques, and research designs must demonstrate a sophisticated appreciation for developmental considerations. Topics explored include assessment of pediatric pain; coping and adaptation in children's pain; developmental issues among infants and toddlers and among preschool and school-age children, as well as among adolescents; recurrent abdominal pain; burn injury and treatment; chronic and recurrent pain in hemophilia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and sickle cell disease; developmental aspects of the biobehavioral treatment of migraine in childhood; and helping children cope with painful medical procedures.

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