Imagery and Cognition
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Imagery and Cognition

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Cesare Cornoldi
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1 Imagery and the Brain.- 2 Symmetries and Asymmetries Between Imagery and Perception.- 3 Visuo-Spatial Short-Term Memory: Visual Working Memory or Visual Buffer?.- 4 Imagery and Thinking.- 5 Imagery and Verbal Memory.- 6 Memory of Action Events: Some Implications for Memory Theory and for Imagery.- 7 Static Versus Dynamic Imagery.- 8 A Developmental Approach to Mental Imagery.- Author Index.
Si nce the beginning of the 1970's the psychological study of imagery has shown a renewal of scientific interest reflected in a di verse body of theory, research paradigms, and data, which, with dil1iculty, ean be managed by a reader interested in imagery. Further, ment. al i lllagery appears to be an important construct in fields such as perception, memory, learning, thinking, motor behavior, cognitive development, and so on. With the diversity of theoretical and empirical work on imagery, cognition, and performance, it is increasingly problemut. ic to find a single source that provides contemporary overviews ill each field. Our purpose in organizing this book was to attempt all IIp-Lodate presentation of imagery research and theory. It is ollr hope that the volume will help serve as a starting point for the progress that will surely appear in the 1990's. This book hi::; its roots in the Second Workshop on Imagery and Cognition held at the University of Padova, Padova, Italy from September 21 to September 23,1988. An impressive array of research was presented at the workshop, and as the workshop unfolded several salient point. s elllerged. Though the research was diverse, it was even more so convergent on several main themes (e. g. , relations betweeen imagery and perception, imaginal coding in working memory, the role of imagery in v(;rbal memory and in memory for action events, imagery and problem solving).

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