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Pr'hody lisky Bystrousky, The Cunning Little Vixen

Translations and Pronunciation
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Timothy Cheek
Volume 1, The Janácek Opera Libretti Series Scarecrow Press
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Chapter 1 PrefaceChapter 2 AcknowledgmentsChapter 3 IntroductionChapter 4 1 Act I, sc. i 29; sc. ii 37Chapter 5 2 Act II, sc. i 65; sc. ii 74; sc. iii 89; sc. iv 102Chapter 6 3 Act III, sc. i 137; sc. ii 164; sc. iii 172Chapter 7 Appendix A: Pronunciation ChecklistChapter 8 Appendix B: RecordingsChapter 9 NotesChapter 10 ReferencesChapter 11 IndexChapter 12 About the Author
Responding to the ever-increasing popularity and international performances of operas by the Czech composer Leo? Janácek, this volume, the first in the Janácek Opera Libretti Series, is the full translation of The Cunning Little Vixen in English alongside the original Czech. This work meets the needs of English-speaking singers, conductors, coaches, and stage directors and conveniently provides idiomatic and word-for-word translations, including translations of stage and musical directions. In addition, the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is used to indicate Czech pronunciation, following the clearly-presented method given in the author's book Singing in Czech: A Guide to Czech Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire, with a foreword by Sir Charles Mackerras. Cheek also provides practical notes about Janácek's style, both in general terms and specific issues relating to this opera along with a plot summary with translations and vocal ranges of characters and the pronunciation of their names. This entire volume is organized in a clear, readable format, resulting in a book that will help to make productions of The Cunning Little Vixen in the original Czech much easier a task than ever before.

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