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Organ Transplants

A Survival Guide for the Entire Family
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Tina P. Schwartz
10, It Happened to Me Scarecrow Press
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Part 1 AcknowledgmentsPart 2 IntroductionChapter 3 1 Getting the NewsChapter 4 2 General Info to KnowChapter 5 3 Heart TransplantChapter 6 4 Liver TransplantChapter 7 5 Kidney/Pancreas Transplants and Islets, too!Chapter 8 6 Lung TransplantsChapter 9 7 Waiting, Waiting, and More WaitingChapter 10 8 From False Alarms through Transplant and BeyondChapter 11 9 Minorities and International Patients Having TransplantsChapter 12 10 Donors and Donor FamiliesChapter 13 11 Transplant Myths, Media Coverage, and ControversiesChapter 14 12 Any Regrets?Chapter 15 13 How You Can Make a DifferencePart 16 NotesPart 17 GlossaryPart 18 Contact InformationPart 19 Suggested ReadingPart 20 IndexPart 21 About the Author
This is a one-of-a-kind book that addresses the issue of what it's like to be involved with an organ transplant procedure. It's filled with real-life stories of teens whose parents, siblings, or other family members are transplant recipients as well as teens who have had transplants themselves and includes stories of recipients who have received heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, and double-lung transplants.This book describes the physical and emotional ups and downs that are part of the transplant process. It addresses, from both the recipient's and family's point of view, what it feels like to be placed on the transplant list, to wait for an organ, to receive "false alarm" calls to come to the transplant center, to finally undergo the transplant operation, to recover, to deal with setbacks of surgery and organ rejection, and to live on anti-rejection drugs the rest of one's life. Also detailed are the medical, financial, mental, and other preparations that must be undertaken as part of the transplant process. Guidance on what to expect, how to help, where to seek assistance, and how to support the patient is also given. Answers to the tough practical and emotional questions that teens have about an organ transplant, such as will my parent survive the surgery, how long will it take for my parent to recover, and why is this happening to me are discussed? Numerous question-and-answer sections of frequently asked questions about organ transplants and the myths that surround them are included, as well as contact information for organizations that provide many forms of assistance for recipients and their families.Through all the serious issues, however, this book offers much hope and promise for recipients and their families through the stories of those whose lives have been greatly improved through an organ transplant. This is the ideal resource for all readers who are interested in the subject of organ donation and transplant, including those who are facing a transplant and their family members as well a

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