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Old Leather

An Oral History of Early Pro Football in Ohio, 1920-1935
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Chris Willis
Scarecrow Press
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Part 1 ForewordPart 2 PrefacePart 3 AcknowledgmentsPart 4 IntroductionChapter 5 1 Lester H. HigginsChapter 6 2 Joseph F. CarrChapter 7 3 Fritz PollardChapter 8 4 Nesser BrothersChapter 9 5 George "Hobby" KinderdineChapter 10 6 Lee FennerChapter 11 7 Ike Roy MartinChapter 12 8 Arda BowserChapter 13 9 Art HaleyChapter 14 10 Walter LingoChapter 15 11 William Guthery, Sr.Chapter 16 12 William Roy "Link" LymanChapter 17 13 Hal BrodaChapter 18 14 Glenn PresnellChapter 19 15 Dr. Louis ChaboudyChapter 20 16 Leo BlackburnChapter 21 17 Earl "Dutch" ClarkChapter 22 18 Cyrus KahlChapter 23 19 Norris SteversonPart 24 OvertimePart 25 Appendix: Complete Standings, Team Rosters, Game Results, and Attendance Figures for all Ohio Teams in the National Football League, 1920-1935Part 26 NotesPart 27 IndexPart 28 About the Author
Very little has been documented about the early days of pro football and the pioneers who had a major influence in the history of the NFL. Chris Willis, head of the Research Library at NFL Films, seeks to address this neglect. In this collection of original and archival interviews, former players, owners, fans, family members and league officials provide a rare glimpse into the origins of professional football. Full of rich anecdotes, early stars such as Red Grange, Jim Thorpe, Dutch Clark, Glenn Presnell, and Pete Henry are brought back to the playing field. The interviews also reveal how small towns in Ohio such as Canton, Akron, Columbus, and Dayton came to host franchises, as the state became a major force in the founding and growth of the NFL.Old Leather provides the reader with a firsthand look at a period that has largely been ignored. It recalls what the era of professional football was like in the age of leather helmets, no television, dirt fields, small salaries and when playing for the love of the game was its own reward. This book will appeal not only to historians, sportswriters, and scholars, but also to die-hard fans and general history buffs who can never get enough of America's favorite sport. Contains 17 photographs of players, owners, and teams.

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