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More Than Words Can Say

The Ink Spots and Their Music
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Marv Goldberg
Scarecrow Press
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Chapter 1 ForewordChapter 2 AcknowledgmentsChapter 3 IntroductionChapter 4 Prelude: The 1920s to 1931Chapter 5 1932Chapter 6 1933Chapter 7 1934Chapter 8 1935Chapter 9 1936Chapter 10 Intermezzo I: Jerry DanielsChapter 11 1937Chapter 12 1938Chapter 13 1939Chapter 14 1940Chapter 15 Prelude to War: ASCAP vs BMIChapter 16 1941Chapter 17 1942Chapter 18 Shellac: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know!Chapter 19 1943Chapter 20 1944 We Were Winning the War, but Losing the Ink SpotsChapter 21 Intermezzo II: Hoppy JonesChapter 22 1945Chapter 23 Intermezzo III: The Brown DotsChapter 24 1946Chapter 25 1947Chapter 26 1948Chapter 27 1949Chapter 28 1950Chapter 29 1951Chapter 30 Intermezzo IV: Herb KennyChapter 31 1952Chapter 32 Intermezzo V: Billy BowenChapter 33 Intermezzo VI: Charlie Fuqua's Ink SpotsChapter 34 Intermezzo VII: Deek WatsonChapter 35 1953Chapter 36 Intermezzo VIII: Bill KennyChapter 37 Da Capo: Buck Ram and the PlattersChapter 38 CodaChapter 39 The Recordings: In Alphabetical OrderChapter 40 The Recordings: Decca Albums (through 1959 only)Chapter 41 The Recordings: Decca Extended Play Records (EPs) (issued in the 1950s)Chapter 42 NotesChapter 43 BibliographyChapter 44 IndexChapter 45 About the Author
The story of the Ink Spots is a rags-to-riches story beloved in American mythology. The success of the Ink Spots inspired many others to attempt (some merely mimicking) their popular and musical success. They were, without question, the most influential black vocal group of the 1940s, and one of the earliest to sing "sweet ballads," which they elevated to an art form (although an increasingly formulaic one). Goldberg gets behind the streamers and glitter of the Ink Spots and the publicity machines of record labels, and provides the story of the group's creation, its music, and its monumental impact on the course of American music. More Than Words Can Say uncovers the mythos and origins of the Ink Spots, from the dramatic stories of finding the band name, to the dozens of individuals who still claim to be original members of the group. Goldberg interviews some of the singers, musicians, and arrangers associated with the original Ink Spots who provide invaluable first-hand accounts of the group. The book discusses the musical environment of the Ink Spots, including the ASCAP/BMI War, gas rationing, War of the Record Speeds, vinyl shortages, and all the lawsuits. Additionally, Goldberg has searched tirelessly through Billboard magazine and theater reviews to get a sense of the Ink Spots' contemporary reception. Also included is a bibliography of sources and a complete alphabetical listing of Ink Spots recordings released on Decca or Victor labels. A fascinating story filled with excellently researched information and exciting anecdotes, Goldberg's text brings out the "authentic" story of the Ink Spots, from their origins in the early 1930s through the tumultuous recording world of 1940s and 1950s America.