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Messages, Meanings and Symbols

The Communication of Information
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Charles T. Meadow
Scarecrow Press
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Part 1 List of FiguresPart 2 PrefacePart 3 1. History of Communication: Cave Drawing to TypewritersChapter 4 The Very Beginning; Writing; What to Write On; The Alphabet and Numbers; Printing; The TypewriterPart 5 2. History of Communication: Sound, Light, and TransportationChapter 6 Sound Transmission; Light; Mail; Animals, Boats, and Ships; Iron Horses and Horseless Carriages; Flying MachinesPart 7 3. History of Communication: Photography and ElectricityChapter 8 Photography; The Telegraph; The TelephonePart 9 4. History of Communication: ElectronicsChapter 10 Radio; Television; Transistors and Integrated Circuits; Computers and the Internet; Communication Satellites; Wireless TelephonePart 11 5. What Is Information? What Is Communication?Chapter 12 Why It Matters; Information; Messages and Signals; Media; Transmission; Communication; NoisePart 13 6. Different Views of InformationChapter 14 Information and Data; Attributes of Information; Content and Context; Knowledge and the Knowledge Base; Information Overload; Learning; News and Intelligence; Disinformation; Truth; Propaganda and Misinformation; Entertainment as InformationPart 15 7. MessagesChapter 16 A Message as a Representation of a Thought; How to Represent a Thought; Messages Come through Our Senses; The Medium and the MessagePart 17 8. Signs and SymbolsChapter 18 The Idea of a Symbol; Examples; Combining Basic Symbols into Words and Numbers; Combining Word Symbols-Grammar; The Value of AmbiguityPart 19 9. Media and TransmissionChapter 20 Types of Media; Transmission Systems; Media, Hot and Cold; NoisePart 21 10. Communicating Meaning and UnderstandingChapter 22 Meaning; Understanding; Coming to Understanding; Understanding and the Knowledge Base; Brain Disorders; Communicating across CulturesPart 23 11. Communication: The Full MontyChapter 24 Composition; Technical Considerations; Semantics; Effectiveness; Some Real-Life ExamplesPart 25 12. Communication Systems of Today and TomorrowChapter 26 The Wired City; The Wireless World; Personal Communication; The Global Village: Convergence; Adaptation; Where Are We Today? Qulaity of Information; Where Will We Be Tomorrow?Part 27 BibliographyPart 28 IndexPart 29 About the Author
A deep and penetrating exploration of the key concepts of information and communications sciences by one of its founders, this book covers everything in its subject that you want to know more about including the bedrock topics of signs, symbols, information, and communication, all considered from an historical and foundational perspective that is satisfying to the beginning student and worthwhile for practitioners of long standing. All the major players are given their role, from Shannon and Weaver to Tim Berners-Lee, with Marshall McLuhan an engaging participant. Communication in all its forms-be it print or electronic media, mass communication as well as person-to-person messaging, whether by mail, telephone, gesture, or email-is thoroughly examined in this book, which can serve as either an introductory text to undergraduates in information science, an interesting read for the layman, or as a refresher for the communications professional.

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