The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention
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The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention

Personal, Public and Health Systems Approaches
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Sevgi O. Aral
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This book advances the argument that the public health discourse in general and the STI/HIV prevention discourse in particular must evolve and expand to include strategic approaches to epidemiology and prevention.
PART 1. Socio-Demographic Societal and Supra-Societal Determinants and Influences.- Chapter 1. Social Determinants of Sexual Networks, Partnership Formation, and Sexually Transmitted Infections.- Chapter 2. Epidemiology of STI and HIV: An Overview of Concentration and Geographical and Temporal Dispersion.- Chapter 3. Migration and the Transmission of STIs.- Chapter 4. Sexual Networks and Sexually Transmitted Infections:  "The Strength of Weak (long distance) Ties".- Chapter 5. Personal Risk and Public Impact:  Balancing Individual Rights with STD and HIV Prevention.- PART 2. Critical Factors in Approaches to Prevention.- Chapter 6. Distribution of Prevention Resources and Impact on Sexual Health in the United States.- Chapter 7. Scaling-up, Targeting, and Coverage.- Chapter 8. Electronic Media and STI Prevention.- Chapter 9. 21st Century Leadership for Public Health and HIV/STI Prevention.- PART 3. Critical Reviews:  New Public Health Focus for Populations at Risk for STI/HIV.- Chapter 10. Enhancing Women's Sexual Health: Prevention Measures in Diverse Populations of Women.- Chapter 11. Prevention of HIV and Other Blood-borne and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in People Who Inject Drugs: Current Status and Future Prospects.- Chapter 12. Health, Sexual Health, and Syndemics: Toward a Better Approach to STI and HIV Preventive Interventions for Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in the United States.- Chapter 13. Social Determinants of Sexual Health in the US among Racial and Ethnic Minorities.- Chapter 14.  Adolescent Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Conceptual and Empirical Demonstration.- PART 4. Critical Reviews:  New Public Health STD/HIV Prevention.- Chapter 15. Preventing HIV/AIDS in the United States: History in the Making, 1981-2009:  History in the Making.- Chapter 16. A National Strategic Approach to Improving the Health of Gay and Bisexual Men: Experience in Australia.- Chapter 17. Reducing Disparities in Sexual Health: Lessons Learned from the Campaign to Eliminate Infectious Syphilis from the United States.- Chapter 18. Human Papillomavirus Vaccine and Prevention of Human Papillomavirus-Associated Disease in the United States.- Chapter 19. Chlamydia Control: A Comparative Review of the US and UK.
Despite effective approaches to prevention, STD and HIV infection rates remain fairly constant. Targeting, implementation, and monitoring of interventions have posed widespread problems, and the recent spate of cuts to prevention budgets has made these roadblocks even more challenging. It is clear that working in sexual health requires both a deeper understanding of STI/HIV epidemiology and an ongoing quest for up-to-date, realistic prevention strategies. The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention offers readers leading-edge access to both. Focusing on social determinants of sexual health, at-risk populations, critical factors in approaches to prevention, and reviews of new research, this authoritative volume explores areas as varied as HPV prevention, technology-based interventions, migration as a factor in disease transmission, and competencies key to effective leadership in the field. Dispatches from the frontlines of theory, research, and practice in the U.S. and abroad include:Personal risk, public impact: balancing individual rights and STD/HIV prevention.
Distribution of prevention resources and its impact on sexual health.
Prevention measures in diverse populations of women.
Toward a better approach to preventive interventions with men who have sex with men.
Adolescent sexual health and STIs.
Reducing disparities in sexual health: lessons from the campaign to eliminate infectious syphilis.
Public health professionals of all backgrounds interested in or working in improving sexual health will find The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention an indispensable guide to conceptualizing the problems and clarifying possible solutions.