Edible Oil Processing from a Patent Perspective
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Edible Oil Processing from a Patent Perspective

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Albert J. Dijkstra
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This book explains a variety of aspects of the patent process, using the example of recent developments in edible oil processing. The author explains patent jargon and offers amusing and illustrative personal insights and remarks.
Increases comprehension of patent jargon by using patents dealing with edible oil processing as examples
Provides background information on patenting 
Increases reader-friendliness of text through use of personal experiences
Preface.- 1. Introducing the World of Patents.- 2. Production of Oils and Fats from Single Cells and Animal Raw Materials.- 3. Production of Vegetable Oils from Fruits and Germs.- 4. Production of Vegetable Oils from Oilseeds and Beans.- 5. Degumming.- 6. Neutralization.- 7. Bleaching.- 8. Dewaxing.- 9. Vacuum Stripping.- 10. Hydrogenation.- 11. Interesterification.- 12. Fractionation.
Patent literature has always been a mine of information, but until recently, it was difficult to access. Now, with the Internet, access to all patent documents is almost instantaneous and free. However, interpreting the technical information provided by patent literature requires a certain skill. This monograph aims to provide that skill by explaining patent jargon and providing background information on patenting. Patents dealing with edible oil processing are used to explain various aspects of patenting. To make the explanations less impersonal, some have been larded with personal remarks and experiences. Accordingly, this monograph is intended for scientists and engineers dealing with edible oils and fats who want to extend their sources of technical information. Hopefully, it will inspire them to innovate, help them to avoid duplication, and provide them with some amusement.