Flow Control
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Flow Control

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Max D. Gunzburger
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Active control of acoustic pressure fields using smart material technologies.- On the presence of shocks in domain optimization of Euler Flows.- A sensitivity equation approach to shape optimization in fluid flows.- Quasi-analytical shape modification for neighboring steady-state Euler solutions.- Control of steady incompressible 2D channel flow.- Optimality conditions for some control problems of turbulent flows.- On controllability of certain systems simulating a fluid flow.- A prehistory of flow control and optimization.- Mathematical issues in optimal design of a vapor transport reactor.- Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation in external flow control.- Optimal feedback control of hydrodynamics: a progress report.- Nonsmooth analysis and free boundary problems for potential and Stokes Flow.- Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the flow in an APCVD applicator system.- Shape optimization and control of separating flow in hydrodynamics.- Recent advances in steady compressible aerodynamic sensitivity analysis.- Remarks on the control of turbulent flows.
The articles in this volume cover recent work in the area of flow control from the point of view of both engineers and mathematicians. These writings are especially timely, as they coincide with the emergence of the role of mathematics and systematic engineering analysis in flow control and optimization. Recently this role has significantly expanded to the point where now sophisticated mathematical and computational tools are being increasingly applied to the control and optimization of fluid flows. These articles document some important work that has gone on to influence the practical, everyday design of flows; moreover, they represent the state of the art in the formulation, analysis, and computation of flow control problems. This volume will be of interest to both applied mathematicians and to engineers.