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Crafting Critical Stories

Toward Pedagogies and Methodologies of Collaboration, Inclusion, and Voice
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Kristen V. Luschen
Counterpoints Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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Contents: Judith Flores Carmona/Kristen V. Luschen: Introduction: Weaving Together Pedagogies and Methodologies of Collaboration, Inclusion, and Voice - Christine Sleeter: Inheriting Footholds and Cushions: Family Legacies and Institutional Racism - Ellen Correa: «I Knew When You Said Your Name in Spanish!»: On Being a White Puerto Rican in the Classroom - Jane Van Galen: Mediated Stories of Educational Mobility: Digital Stories in Teacher Education - Barbara Kessel/Kim Hackford-Peer: Here I Stand: College Students' Critical Education Narratives - Judith Flores Carmona/Aymee Malena Luciano: A Student-Teacher Testimonio: Reflexivity, Empathy, and Pedagogy - Sherick Hughes/Kate Willink: Engaging Co-Reflexive Critical Dialogues When Entering and Leaving the «Field»: Toward Informing Collaborative Research Methods at the Color Line and Beyond - DeeDee Mower: The Rose Creek Oral History Project: Elementary Cross-Grade Social Studies Curriculum in Review - Kristen V. Luschen: Exploring (Dis)Connections Through Digital Storytelling: Toward Pedagogies of Critical Co-Learning - Sundy Watanabe: Critical Storying: Power Through Survivance and Rhetorical Sovereignty - Hilton Kelly: The Politics and Poetics of Oral History in Qualitative Research: This One's for Nikki Giovanni - James H. Adams/Natalie G. Adams: «Some of Us Got Heard More Than Others»: Studying Brown Through Oral History and Critical Race Theory - J. Luis Loya-García: Mojarra Linguistic Syndrome, Evading Capture by the Tongue: Heritage Speakers of Spanish and Their Stigma.
Critical storytelling, a rich form of culturally relevant, critical pedagogy, has gained great urgency in a world of standardization. Crafting Critical Stories asks how social justice scholars and educators narrate, craft, and explore critical stories as a tool for culturally relevant, critical pedagogy. From the elementary to college classroom, this anthology explores how different genres of critical storytelling - oral history, digital storytelling, testimonio, and critical family history - have been used to examine structures of oppression and to illuminate counter-narratives written with and by members of marginalized communities. The book highlights the complexity of culturally relevant, social justice education as pedagogues across the fields of education, sociology, communications, ethnic studies, and history grapple with the complexities of representation, methodology, and the meaning/impact of employing critical storytelling tools in the classroom and community.