Measurement and Control of Marine Diesel Engine NOx and CO2 Emissions
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Measurement and Control of Marine Diesel Engine NOx and CO2 Emissions

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Book w. online files / update
Dimitrios Hountalas
235x155x mm
Green Energy and Technology

Details the requirements of the new emission legislation standards for NOx emissions and their impact on CO2 emissions
Introduction to Shipping and its Legislative Framework.- Current and Future NOx Emission Standards and Legislation for Marine and Stationary Engines.- Contribution of Marine Engines to Global Warming.- Marine CO2 Emissions.- Possibilities (Difficulties Etc.) for On-board Simple and Direct Emission Measurement Techniques.- Available Techniques for the Determination of Engine Operating Parameters (B.S.F.C., Engine Brake Power).- NOx Measurement Techniques Suitable for Marine Applications.- The Effect of Engine Operating Parameters on NOx Emissions.- Estimation of NOx Emissions via Modelling.- Application on Marine Engines.- Interrelation Between NOx and CO2 Emissions.- Review of NOx Reduction Techniques and their Applicability for Marine Engine Applications.- Technological and Operational Potential for Reduction of NOx and Estimated Impact on CO2 Emissions.
This book presents and evaluates the latest techniques for measuring, evaluating and controlling NOx and CO2 emissions from marine diesel engines. The book also provides a reference guide for the effective selection and implementation of these techniques. It discusses innovative methods for acquiring and estimating the required engine-related parameters in a more accurate manner than with conventional approaches, and provides photos and illustrations of real-life examples to elucidate the book's content. Chapters examine topics including the legislative framework of NOx emissions; marine CO2 emissions and global warming; simple and direct on-board emission measurement techniques; the determination of engine operation parameters; the estimation of NOx emissions through modeling; and NOx reduction techniques. An invaluable resource for marine and mechanical engineers, engine manufacturers and service engineers, this book is also intended for marine industry professionals and manufacturers of exhaust gas measurement equipment.

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