Explorations in Art and Technology
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Explorations in Art and Technology

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Linda Candy
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241x159x27 mm
Springer Series on Cultural Computing
Reviews the history of art and technology collaborations
Foreword.- Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Author Biographies.- Part 1: History.- Between Worshipers, Priests and the Nuke: an Introduction to the Cultural and Social History of Early Computer Art.- A Million Millennial Medicis.- Structure in Art Practice.- From Zombies to Cyborg Bodies.- From Zombies to Cyborg Bodies.- Algorithmic Fine Art.- The Computer: an Intrusive Influence.- Digital Art in Brazil.- Part 2: Environments.- New Directions for Art and Technology.- An Observer's Reflections: The Artist Considered as Expert.- Realizing Digital Artworks.- Being Supportive.- Working with Artists.- Demaking the High Heeled Shoe.- The Artist as Digital Explorer.- Part 3: Research.- Creating Graspable Water in 3D Space.- Contemporary Totemism.- Integrating Computers as Explorers in Art Practice.- Hybrid to Simulated Invention.- Playing with Rhythm and Technology.- Differentiating Interaction.- Acknowledging Perimeters for Technology and Art.- localStyleforward.- Chance, Poetry and Computational Art: The Visual Theogonies.- Self-Portraying an Absence.- Part 4: Collaboration.- Making Light Sculptures in Suspended Space: A Creative Collaboration.- Drawing Spaces.- Collaborative Practice in Systems Art.- Creativity, Technology and Collaboration:Towards Hoped-for and Unexpected Serendipities.- Collaborative Creation in Interactive Theatre .- Collaboration, the Color Organ and Gridjam.- Creating Interactive Art: Conceptual and Technological Considerations.- Post Fail: IOCOSE Collaborative Failures.- Speculative Apparatuses: Notes on an Artistic Project.- Index
Explorations in Art and Technology presents the explorations in Art and Technology of the Creativity& Cognition Research Studios. The Studios were created to bring together the visions and expertise of people working at the boundaries of art and digital media. The book explores the nature of intersection and correspondence across these disciplinary boundaries, practices and conceptual frameworks through artists' illustrated contributions and studies of work in progress. These experiences are placed within the context of recent digital art history and the innovations of early pioneers.

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