Marketing Communications
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Marketing Communications

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John Egan
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John Egan draws on both his industry and academic background to explain the why as well as the how of marketing communications. In addition to core topics, the book covers key issues such as ethical marketing and the changing face of communications. Global examples include HSBC, James Bond, the Arab Spring and One Direction and there's a companion website with lecturer and student materials.
Chapter 1. Marketing Communications: Past and Present
Chapter 2. Marketing Communications Theory
Chapter 3. Buying Behaviour
Chapter 4. Image and Brand Management
Chapter 5. Marketing Communications Planning
Chapter 6. Understanding Marketing Research
Chapter 7.Campaign Tactics and Management
Chapter 8. Campaign Media and Media Planning
Chapter 9. Advertising
Chapter 10. Sales Promotion
Chapter 11. Public Relations
Chapter 12. Sponsorship and Product Placement
Chapter 13. Direct and Digital Marketing
Chapter 14. Personal Selling, Point-of-Sale and Supportive Communications
Chapter 15. Integrated Marketing Communications
Chapter 16. Internal Communications
Chapter 17. Marketing Channels and Business-to Business Communications
Chapter 18. Ethical Marketing and the Regulatory Environment
Chapter 19. The Communications Industry
Chapter 20. Global Marketing Communications
Chapter 21. The Changing Face of Marketing Communications

How many marketing messages do you think you see a day? Why do some stick with us more than others? Why do we all remember the Cadbury's gorilla drummer or the Budweiser Frogs? What do they say about the brand? How will you communicate your own marketing messages just as successfully?

In this textbook, John Egan draws on years of both industry and academic experience to explain the why as well as the how of marketing communications. It covers all the essential topics that are relevant to your marketing communications course in a relatable and easy-to-read style. 'Insight' boxes provide insight into some of the latest industry practices, and with engaging examples ranging from HSBC to James Bond, to the Arab Spring and One Direction, this textbook will not only provide you with a solid foundation for working in 'marcoms'; it will make your study fun along the way.

For those looking to get ahead of their classmates and other job candidates, the textbook includes coverage of topical issues such as new technologies, ethical marketing and the regulatory environment to help you consider some of the cutting edge debates for assignments and future employment. There is also a companion website with additional study materials to help you go one further and stay ahead of the pack: study.sagepub.com/egan

This textbook is essential reading for all marketing communications courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as professional courses in Marketing.