Theories for Mental Health Nursing
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Theories for Mental Health Nursing

A Guide for Practice
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Theories for Mental Health Nursing is the first textbook to directly address the key theories that inform the study and practice of mental health nursing and health care in the 21st century. Taking a broad approach to mental health, the authors explain why different approaches might be adopted at different times, before going on to show how they should be applied in practice.
Philosophy of Mental Health - Alastair MorganSocial Theories - Andrew Clifton and David Banks
Psychodynamic Theories - Dawn Freshwater
Humanistic Theories - Paul Cassedy
Cognitive Behavioural Theories - Philip Kinsella
Critical Theories in Mental Health Care - Alastair Morgan
Biological Theories - Fiona McCandless-Sugg
Ethical Theories - Nigel Plant and Aru Narayanasamy
Compassion and Mental Health Nursing - Theo Stickley and Helen Spandler
Theories for Public Mental Health and Mental Health Promotion - Sally Binley and Theo Stickley
Mindfulness and Mental Health Care - Tim Sweeney
Why Recovery? - Julie Repper and Rachel Perkins
Stress Vulnerability and Psychosis - Lorraine Rayner
Counselling and Psychotherapy in Mental Health Nursing: Therapeutic Encounters - Gary Winship and Sally Hardy
Values in Practice - Gemma Stacey and Bob Diamond
Employment and Mental Health: Theoretical Approaches to Gaining and Maintaining Work - Louise Thomson
Solution-Focused Nursing - Margaret McAllister
Risk - Anne Felton
Psychological Interventions in Primary Care - Marie Chellingsworth
Behaviour Change Theory - Patrick Callaghan
Integrating Body and Mind - Ann Childs
An understanding of the theories that shape and define mental health policy and practice is essential for every mental health nurse. This book gives you the knowledge you need to understand those complex and varying theories, concepts and approaches. It helps you to deconstruct mental health and become a critical practitioner by drawing on a wealth of literature and research. Topics covered include cognitive behavioural therapy, recovery, risk and critical theories.