Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs
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Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs

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Ken M. Harrison
The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series
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This comprehensive guide for amateur astronomers provides a brief overview of the development of spectroscopes and an introduction to the theory of stellar spectra, then goes on to examine the spectroscopes available to amateurs as well as how to use them.

Preface.- Part I: Introduction to Spectroscopy.- Chapter 1: Early Experiments in Spectroscopy.- Chapter 2: A History of Astronomical Spectroscopy.- Chapter 3: Theory of Spectra.- Chapter 4: Prisms, Gratings, and Spectroscopes.- Chapter 5: Types of Spectroscopes.- Part II: Obtaining and Analyzing Specta.- Chapter 6: Setting Up the Spectroscope.- Chapter 7: Using Spectroscopes in the Converging Beam.- Chapter 8: Reflection Grating Spectroscopes.- Chapter 9: Cameras and CCD's.- Chapter 10: Processing Spectra.- Chapter 11: Amateur Spectroscope Projects.- Part III: Spectroscope Design and Construction.- Chapter 12: Design Basics.- Chapter 13: Prism Spectroscope Designs.- Chapter 14: Transmission Grating Spectroscope Designs.- Chapter 15: Reflection Grating Spectroscopes Designs.- Chapter 16: Guiding, OAG, and Beam Splitters/Flip Mirrors.- Appendix A: Suppliers of Spectroscopes and Accessories.- Appendix B: Useful Spectroscopy Forums and Other Websites.- Appendix C: Selected Bibliography.- Appendx D: Springer Extra Materials and Yahoo Support Group.- Index.
Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs is a complete guide for amateur astronomers who are looking for a new challenge. After a brief overview of the development of spectroscopes and an introduction to the theory of stellar spectra, the book goes on to examine the various types of spectroscopes available to amateurs.

Next, practical sections address all aspects of setting-up and using various types of commercially-available and home-built spectroscopes. A final part gives detailed instructions for the design and construction of three different spectroscopes, along with the necessary design theory (minimal math). The home-made spectroscopes have performance capabilities near or equal to commercial units but are constructed using basic hand tools for a fraction of the cost!

This up-to-date practical spectroscopy book will enable amateur astronomers to develop the skills and equipment needed to prepare scientifically acceptable spectra data, and to make a valuable contribution to ProAm projects.

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