Nanotechnology for Electronics, Photonics, and Renewable Energy
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Nanotechnology for Electronics, Photonics, and Renewable Energy

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Anatoli Korkin
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Nanostructure Science and Technology
Here, tutorial chapters from some of the world's leading experts link three key technology areas, showing how nanotechnology can be applied to research and development in each fast-moving field, and covering both fundamentals and future challenges.
Provides an authoritative overview of the current status and future trends of nanoelectronics, photonics, and solar energy
Molecular Electronics: Challenges and Perspectives.- Three-Dimensional Silicon-Germanium Nanostructures for CMOS-Compatible Light Emitters.- On Application of Plasmas in Nanotechnologies.- All Carbon Nanotubes Are Not Created Equal.- Two Routes to Subcellular Sensing.- Photothermal Sensing of Chemical Vapors Using Microcantilevers.- Nanoelectronics for DNA Sensing.- Nanostructured Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries.- Synthetic Models of Copper Proteins for Biofuel Cell Applications.
Tutorial lectures given by world-renowned researchers have become one of the important traditions of the Nano and Giga Challenges (NGC) conference series. 1 Soon after preparations had begun for the rst forum, NGC2002, in Moscow, Russia, the organizers realized that publication of the lectures notes would be a va- able legacy of the meeting and a signi cant educational resource and knowledge base for students, young researchers, and senior experts. Our rst book was p- lished by Elsevier and received the same title as the meeting itself-Nano and Giga 2 Challenges in Microelectronics. Our second book, Nanotechnology for Electronic 3 4 Materials and Devices, based on the tutorial lectures at NGC2004 in Krakow, 5 Poland, the third book from NGC2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, and the current book 6 from joint NGC2009 and CSTC2009 meeting in Hamilton, Ontario, have been published in Springer's Nanostructure Science and Technology series. Hosted by McMaster University, the meeting NGC/CSTC 2009 was held as a joint event of two conference series, Nano and Giga Challenges (Nano & Giga Forum) and Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conferences (CSTC), bringing together the networks and expertise of both professional forums. Informational (electronics and photonics), renewable energy (solar systems, fuel cells, and batteries), and sensor (nano and bio) technologies have reached a new stage in their development in terms of engineering limits to cost-effective impro- ment of current technological approaches. The latest miniaturization of electronic devices is approaching atomic dimensions.

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