Scanning Probe Microscopy of Functional Materials
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Scanning Probe Microscopy of Functional Materials

Nanoscale Imaging and Spectroscopy
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Sergei V. Kalinin
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Here is a much-needed general overview of a rapidly developing field. It covers novel scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques that are used to characterize a wide range of functional materials, including complex oxides, biopolymers, and semiconductors.

I. Emergent phenomena in strongly-correlated systems: H. Weitering (UTK) - Phase separation and novel quaziparticles in nanowires.- E.W. Plummer (UT/ORNL) - STM of ruthenates and manganites.- S. Davies (Cornell)/A. Yazdani (Princeton) - STM of superconductors.- C. Renner (Imperial college) - STM of cuprates.- II. Semiconductor and photovoltaic materials: Sidney Cohen (Weitzmann) - SPM of solar materials.- R. Goldman (U. Michigan)- Cross-sectional STM of semiconductor heterostructures.- David Ginger (U. Wash) - Charge dynamics in photovoltaic polymers.- III. Functional probing of biosystems and macromolecules: Dani Muller (Basel) - Molecular Imaging of biomembranes single molecules with electrically functionalized probes.- F. Sachs (SUNY)- AFM/patch clamp in biology.- J. Hafner - Electrical imaging of membranes.- T. Shaeffer/I. Kornev - Cell dynamics by Ion conductance microscopy.- M. Fujihira (U. Tokyo)/H.Yamada (Osaka U)- Ferroelectric polymers.- IV. SPM of magnetic materials: Andreas Heinrich (IBM-Almaden) - Spin manipulation by STM.- Rafi Budakian (Cornell)/Jon Rugar (IBM Almaden)- Magnetic Resonant Force Microscopy.- P. Grutter/R. Proksch - Magnetic Force Microscopy.- V. Electromechanics on the nanoscale: ferroelectrics and multiferroics: S. Kalinin/S. Jesse/R. Proksch (Asylum Research) - New dynamic modes and energy dissipation in SPM.- A. Kholkin (U. Aveiro) - Polarization dynamics in relaxor ferroelectrics.- B.J. Rodriguez /M. Alexe/S. Kalinin- Piezoresponse Force Spectroscopy.- A. Gruverman (UNL) - Polarization dynamics in capacitors and heterostructures.- VI. Mechanical properties: D. Hurley (NIST) - Nanomechanics by SPM.- U. Rabe and W. Arnold - Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy of functional materials.- VII. Optical methods: L. Novotny (Rochester)- NSOM and NSOM-transport.- H. Hallen (NCSU) - NSOM.- H. Gaub - Optical machines and unfolding.- A. Sugawara - Optically-assisted pump-probe STM.- VIII. Emerging SPM applications: M. Tomitori - STM/NC-AFM.- Yasuo Cho (Tohoku) - Scanning Non-linear Dielectric Microscopy.- Maki Kawai - Vibrational spectroscopy of single molecule.- P. Weiss/Ekinchi - Ultrafast ac STM.- O. Lourie (Nanofactory)- SPM and electron microscopy combined.- O. Warren/T. Wyrobeck (Hysitron) - In-situ STEM-nanoindentation.- M. Bode/V. Rose/S. Streiffer (Argonne) - Material characterization by SPM-focused X-ray combination.
The goal of this book is to provide a general overview of the rapidly developing field of novel scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques for characterization of a wide range of functional materials, including complex oxides, biopolymers, and semiconductors. Many recent advances in condensed matter physics and materials science, including transport mechanisms in carbon nanostructures and the role of disorder on high temperature superconductivity, would have been impossible without SPM. The unique aspect of SPM is its potential for imaging functional properties of materials as opposed to structural characterization by electron microscopy. Examples include electrical transport and magnetic, optical, and electromechanical properties. By bringing together critical reviews by leading researchers on the application of SPM to to the nanoscale characterization of functional materials properties, this book provides insight into fundamental and technological advances and future trends in key areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

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